The Godly Truth About Bikinis - FINALLY Someone Gets It!



  • 2014-02-24T23:51:29

I really like what this woman has to say. I would agree to her that you don't have to wear something itsy bitsy to be beautiful. Every woman is beautiful. My parents have trained me to respect my self and to wear modest clothing. My boyfriend Loves how I wear respectable clothing and how I like to be modest.

  • 2014-02-24T20:44:51

Wayne Holden ... LOL or not LOL

  • 2014-02-24T20:43:17

Aaron Brown the discussion is dressing modestly out of respect for one's self. What are you talking about?

  • 2014-02-24T20:41:45

Tim Buckle um, which "tribal societies" that have women naked don't rape, defile, malign or belittle women? Women in the "tribal societies" that I know of treat women poorly. In one they actually mutilate women's bodies and body parts to 'decrease her sexual appetite'. In several countries where sex/sexuality are on prominent display those countries have a HIGH, I repeat H - I - G - H rate of kidnapping and sex trafficking of not only female tourists, but also of YOUNG female children starting at the age of ONE (1)! The only ones 'brainwashed' are those who bought into the lie that it doesn't affect females equality and the way we are treated in societies. Funny how usually the ones shouting from the rooftop 'it's not degrading' or 'it doesn't matter' and 'it's your body' are MEN. (LOL) It's only the simple or ignorant women who are persuaded for any length of time to regurgitate that malarkey. LOL

  • 2014-02-24T15:37:29

Wayne Holden Well said!

  • 2014-02-24T01:30:25

I'm so glad to know I should change how or what I want to wear based on what the opposite sex thinks. ( sarcasm) A females body is not a sin.. maybe men should be trained how to look at women! oh I guess I am wrong... I should feel guilty for wearing a normal swim suit on a beach. We live in a world where people choose to live and dress how they want. Who wants a man who is so easily swayed by a simple two piece swimsuit anyway? Wow male gender grow up and take an art class and realize that the HUMAN body is art.

  • 2014-02-24T00:42:39

I'm curious do you keep yourself covered? Do you keep your shirt on at all times? I am a Godly woman and it has nothing to do with what I wear but how I feel and treat others and the compassion I have for others.

  • 2014-02-23T22:56:44

Bob Klotz . The WORD of God is a two edged sword . discretion , is discretion , . just sayin

  • 2014-02-23T22:49:24

Joshua Michael Jones / Thank you for speaking out The Truth about the matter.

  • 2014-02-23T22:45:40

You know what, I get sexually aroused by a lot more things than a bikini. Sometimes a girl with a killer haircut gets a reaction. My suggestion: Shave your head. Sometimes a well manicured hand turns me on. My suggestion: Wear gloves. Sometimes I get a reaction when I wake up in the morn. Should I cut it off?

  • 2014-02-23T22:44:48

I Think its just facts to consider , yes male and female brains think differently , of course. if you have clear facts , you can make better choices , depending on what your priorities are . The brain scans are real , like a cat scan , real stuff.

  • 2014-02-23T22:39:01

Aaron Brown / do tell then?!

  • 2014-02-21T21:45:44

Devin Fields Thank you Devin! That is the beautiful thing about the Holy texts- they are relevant both then and now BECAUSE God was not talking about length of sleeves, or bare mid-drifts, but of the character of the person wearing them that would make them WANT to wear clothing that would be considered "immodest" in their times. In other words, He (God) was talking about character like, purity, integrity, faith, spirituality, kindness and mercy (because we do not flaunt our wealth, nor our sexuality which would cause another to stumble: thus the mercy). Modest dress is so subjective, the Amish wear long dresses, Muslim women the hijab, Mormons high collars and items with sleeves and skirts below the knees, Hassidic Jews wear long sleeves, skirts, high collars and inexpensive clothing- they also wear head coverings or wigs, and conservative evangelicals are all over the map: pretty much anything as long as it isn't too low cut or too high cut and doesn't show mid-drift, but arms are just fine! So who is right in today's culture? We all live in "modern times" and they all have their original "roots" from the original Torah (though obviously they split at some point past there) so? I agree with you. We get so caught up in the melodrama of what is the "biggest sin" or "todays drama" and loose sight of the real purpose. Faith hope and love. Jesus himself said: (37) "Jesus Replied: Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. (38) This is the first and greatest commandment. (39) And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. (40) All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments." Jesus states emphatically (which is important to note because he loved analogy) that these are the highest laws he expects us to obey. There are no other clauses added. So I try to live by this rule. Which I suppose means I shouldn't have ever posted on this stupid piece anyways, but it came up on my FB and I didn't realize it would also post back on Godtube as well and leave it open to everyone and anyone to comment on. Oh well, live and learn!

  • 2014-02-21T19:16:22

of course, the suits in her line would have been considered immodest a few generations ago. seemingly, the modesty line is always moving. addressing the heart issues of women AND men, rather than specific fashions, might make a more lasting and meaningful difference.

  • 2014-02-21T17:57:59

Camille Jet-Lynx Udunno "You do realize I'm on a website called "Godtube" talking to other CHRISTIAN identifying women..." I had no idea! "If you're not a Christian, that standard won't make sense to you, because you've probably never looked at it in depth." Except our standards aren't mutually Christian, and I assure you most "Christian" standards were birthed not by religion but by the specific cultural practices of the societies from which it sprung. You see that formal business attire Jessica Rey has on during her presentation? She would have been buried in sand and stoned to death had people in the days of early Christianity (though certainly not just in that time) caught her wearing that. Why is she dressed so scantily, with her shoulders and arms fully exposed--not to mention the tightness of that dress!!! She will make men think dirty things and go against God!! How dare she! Should we have some kind of standard as to what is appropriate for each scenario? Sure. I don't like it when someone shows up to class with their belly hanging out, but not for any religious reason--it's just not appropriate for class, and that applies to a man with his shirt off, too. But I really think God has more troublesome things to worry about than policing what women wear to the beach, of all places. Oh, and as for this: "I'd have to ask you what you base your faith on." Faith has nothing to do with your personal beliefs about women's attire. Faith is just a belief in God. Stop acting so high and holy, because I assure you that you don't follow even half of what the bible says. You wouldn't be able to function in society if you did.

  • 2014-02-21T16:41:36

Also, kids, did we forget that God didn't even intend for us to wear clothing? If Eve hadn't eaten that apple, we'd still be running around naked. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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