The Godly Truth About Bikinis - FINALLY Someone Gets It!



  • 2014-03-01T03:17:56

Roy Holaday I beg your pardon, but what actions? Are men that desperate? If yes, they deserve being tortured by emotional turmoils of their partners. How primitive. The "study" is being abused here and proves nothing.

  • 2014-03-01T02:59:52

Tim Buckle …hmmmmm... comparing some tribal woman from the jungle (NO ONE would drool) to a woman with breast augmentation, who workouts out, diets.. etc etc etc is a very bad comparison…totally lost your argument on that one! this video is spot on!!!

  • 2014-03-01T02:45:59

Jesse Sargent science is science, a mechanical way things work. As humans, we also have morals and decency, a part of humanity that goes beyond mechanics. You heard of emotional intelligence? I'm sure my CAT scan or MRI result would show that my mind goes crazy too if I see a guy with bulging muscles and tan skin running around topless. But does it mean it's acceptable if I came up to him to touch him. If he felt that his personal space is violated, was it his fault that he walks around showing off his goods? He was asking for it right? So how is "pretend to be smarter than geniuses" even relevant with this topic? I never said anything about me being smart. Well, maybe you think I'm super smart, which is why you brought it up, right? So if you really want to "grow up" try to think beyond the society conditions you to think and start thinking for yourself.

  • 2014-03-01T01:06:32

Wayne Holden did you forget when Adam and Eve noticed they were naked they were ashamed and hide? Now THAT is Biblical.

  • 2014-03-01T01:03:11

Tim Buckle How about all the rape disfigurement and aids found in these countries. All the orphans left behind. Women are treated as chattels as we'll.

  • 2014-02-28T23:18:42

I always wondered why a woman has to wear something the equivalent of a bra and panties to the beach. Now I know.

  • 2014-02-28T21:04:22

Thank You!!. Pastor Gil Monrose for this bitsy binkini video .I'm grateful to Jessica Rey for this teaching has a successful Christian woman. Has a Christian woman and a young beautiful model myself that is expose to the modeling industry on a daily base. It has been a very great struggle for me based on the fact that most designer, photographer and magazine editors , along with most model's . Which don't care anything about modesty and have no problem when it comes on to wearing binkini, lingerie and sometime nothing. Just pure nakedness waiting there for their bodies to be painted for a particular iconic design. I personally speaking Had lost out on many great opportunity, because of the lesson that I had been thought over the years in church, about my body being God temple I'm very passionate about modeling , but the truth is that most churches including my own don't support their Christian sisters and brothers when it comes on to the modeling and fashion industry. I have always envision myself making it on the cover of CoverGirl , Vogue,Glamour and Essence Magazine!. My #1 purpose and goal in life has always been to please God. And to be able to support myself. But has this point in time I'm truly having and headache over whether or not to continue modeling. I would be more than happy to receive some positive feedback. Thank!!.

  • 2014-02-28T19:51:26

For the uninformed, God doesn't dress!!! God is a spirit.

  • 2014-02-28T19:29:50


  • 2014-02-28T18:56:20

Tim Buckle -- many of those same cultures also mutilate a woman's genitals to put women 'in their place'. They may be accustomed to seeing women naked, but it doesn't mean that they do not have their way with them whenever they please as well. (Not saying this is across the board, but it happens in many cultures.) I don't even know what makes you so angry about Michael's comment in the first place. I think that is a good aspect of the church - it teaches you good values. Whether you choose to have that relationship with a god is another thing altogether. But, I think, as a whole, it is awesome to be grounded on those basic principles - modesty being one of them.

  • 2014-02-28T16:23:40

Jeannie Oakes Herod, Lexi actually showed a realistic viewpoint.

  • 2014-02-28T15:28:12

I never understood why girls want to walk around in something that resembles their underwear. They look just as beautiful in a one piece swim suit and we don't have to see them mostly naked. My son feels very uncomfortable at the public swimming pools because of these bikinis

  • 2014-02-28T15:13:27

WELL SAID!!!!! Nature doesn't lie. Man does. Even to him/herself. Define POWER. when equality means lowering another's standard (male brain scans showing less power) in order for yourself to take a few steps higher, that doesn't say a great deal about personal honor & dignity. When a woman chooses to shut down a man's ability, THEN COMPLAIN THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH GOOD MEN TO CARE FOR THEM, it's time to reconsider the results and how she uses her power for everyone's benefit! ***modesty doesn't mean sacrificing fashion*** Point out the destructive-power lie for what it is! THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING US WITH TRUTH, POWER and OPTIONS!!!!! Our 3 (pre)teen daughters LOVED this!

  • 2014-02-28T14:44:36

Why does she care what men think of women so much? If you are truly trying to empower women, stop worrying about what men think. How do you know women don't see men as objects when they are showing off their abs! Btw, I think Audrey Hepburn in 2014 may as well wear bikini and use iPhone...

  • 2014-02-28T01:33:57

It's not my problem what men think of me or the way I dress. I don't dress for anyone but me. Why don't men have to dress for how I will view them? Perhaps we should worry less about what women are wearing and worry more about how men are behaving. Why is it that women are required by society to be in better control of their actions. We have the same sexual urges as men and we choose our mate accordingly. We invented "modesty" as a society - we were not created with a guideline on how to live - we create it. We were born naked and I will choose what I want to show and when. It just so happens that I'm not comfortable with showing all that much. And what do you know, I figured it out all by myself without the help of religion *gasp*

  • 2014-02-28T00:45:44

People get on here and talk about God and they don't even read the Bible. Like Wayne Holden. You are way off. You make a mockery of God.

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