The Godly Truth About Bikinis - FINALLY Someone Gets It!



  • 2014-03-18T21:04:57

Roy Holaday Dioliza Yogore Martir A lot of the information int his video was distorted. The study did not account for multiple variables including conditioning, culture and other things. No proper control group. The women in bikinis were sexualized not just casual women in bikinis. There was a similar study with homeless people and drug addicts. They were viewed as objects, but with avoidance instead of attraction. My guess is we are too quick to dehumanize people in general. Also, does this study mean that in the bedroom a man doesn't really care about his wife? She is just an object at that point? Muslim women in foreign countries are some of the most covered women in the world that I know of. They also suffer/have suffered a ton of abuse, been treated like property, and a number of absurd things. If the problem is how we dress why are some of the most modest women in the world abused at all? I think men are trained to react that way through media (especially porn) and just culture in general. To Christian's: Jesus saw naked women and could control himself. Scantily dressed women is no excuse to look at women that way.

  • 2014-03-18T16:30:04

Dioliza Yogore Martir Where in the Bible does it talk about how much clothing is appropriate? I don't recall any verse in the Bible that says women must cover things. What in the Bible defines boobs as private parts? What in the bible defines modesty? I believe out of love for men and their struggles we should be careful not to be really inappropriate with our attire. I think it's absurd we judge women so much on their attire.

  • 2014-03-18T16:06:33

Jeannie Oakes Herod but it was just Adam and Eve.. wasn't Adam allowed to lust after his wife? I think the coverings represents how God shed BLOOD to cover our sin and shame. I doubt he dressed them for modesty.. just sayin.

  • 2014-03-18T14:09:01

Jon Cole LOL Jon, you can pull of anything ;) You should try the peach colored one lol

  • 2014-03-18T14:00:22

I dunno...I don't think I can pull it off with my figure...

  • 2014-03-18T13:52:49

For $100 you too can dress modestly. http://www.reyswimwear.com/collections/pre-sale

  • 2014-03-17T21:01:00

The problem is not the bikini, but disrespectful men. God put us on this earth naked, but sin clothed us. Even with clothes on or off, a good man will respect, a bad man will take advantage and hurt.

  • 2014-03-17T20:07:09

Tim Buckle "some tribal societies live in near complete nudity and there is no drooling disrespectful males raping the women in those societies.." uhmmm you know very well thats not true right. but again bikinis or no bikinis women deserve respect at all times, same with men. with that every side of any argument is based on being conditioned no matter what. wether we agree or not in this video both sides are always conditioned by what surrounds us.

  • 2014-03-17T19:27:45

a lot of people here are saying that the problem is that we are conditioning the women to live in fear.. and that this and that are kinds of body shaming.. as far as others have the right to do whatever they want to themselves then go ahead but jessica rey also has the right to say things she believed in... though its true that saying that women are to blame when something bad is done to them beacuse of what they wear is just so wrong.. i think the point here is man and women should coexist and ones fault could be also the fault of the other.... its wrong to objectify women because of what they wear..but thats not the issue cause wether or nor not they wear something or not, to do something bad to woman is wrong. that point taken responsibility should be shared as no one lives for themselves only. for the argument that the society has conditioned women to live and fear..well that can also apply as to saying that this new generation is conditioned to think that of they should be able to do anything without having to fear consequences to achieve freedom and liberation is as sick as the latter. so the argument of both sides could be categorised as "conditioned by society" wether you believe on wearing a bikini or not. personaly i like what jessica rey said. and for guys like me they shouldt think of this as an excuse to disrespect any women ..whats wrong is wrong no need for justification. let people voice out what they believe in cause its unfair to think that only one side should be able to say what they want freely and argue that "i should be able to do what i want" thats a total bullshit. everything has a consequence. this younger generation has been spoiled to much to think that they have the right to do anything without consequences...youre not alone your in a world where others also exist. saying that you shoudnt put out your expensive jewelry in a place where it could be taken from by people with bad intention is not saying that a person showing off his or her expensive jewelry should be blamed if someone stole it. what it actually means is BE RESPONSIBLE. thats different from shaming this and shaming that.

  • 2014-03-16T18:54:47

Come on. Pathetic arguments for those who don't know the Bible, consequently God. The Bible talks about modesty, and that's what we are talking about. The Bible also talks about covering nakedness. So banish the ideas about nudist camps being God approved. People may do what they want, but it doesn't make it pleasing to God. The moral majority is not moral, sorry to say.

  • 2014-03-16T18:54:29

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  • 2014-03-16T17:23:35

And I want women to be modest in their appearance. They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pearls or expensive clothes. For women who claim to be devoted to god should make themselves attractive by the things they do.-1 Timothy 2:9,10 A true woman of god :)

  • 2014-03-14T21:53:36

This video is horrible. Yet again, we see another example of "men see women in bikinis as objects so women need to cover up" instead of "men see women as objects and we need to teach them not too". This is victim and slut shaming as a method of advertising bathing suits. It's exactly the kind of mentality that the Taliban uses to force women into beekeeper outfits. In the other end of here spectrum I used to go to nude beaches in Spain. When my ex first brought me, I thought it would be all cruisy and sexual. My nudist ex explained that there are some that are like that but they are the minority. Most are family beaches where people just like to feel the sun and water on their skin. Then I had the reaction so many people have given to me "ewwww....doesn't that mean fat/old bodies on display?" Yes. Yes, it does. But that was a good thing. You can't escape nudity in the modern, western world, but it's all airbrushed perfection. We've built this notion that only perfect bodies are worth seeing naked. I looked atty e kids in these nude beaches and thought they must have much healthier body images, seeing bodies of every shape and size on display without shame. Please don't teach girls that the human body is a shameful thing to cover up. Teach her to love the skin she's in and teach her that showing her skin doesn't make her an object even if less-evolved men may think of her that way. Her value doesn't come from the way men see her

  • 2014-03-14T21:43:24

Woman complain about being a sex object and that men look at them that way, But they continue to pose for playboy and dress provocatively. Well said Roy Holaday. If it looks , talks and walks as a sex object , then let it be it!!! The Choice is YOURS.

  • 2014-03-14T18:12:07

I dress modestly BECAUSE I am comfortable with my body...I don't need anyone else ( man OR woman) telling me I Have a nice body. My ( pretty good by wordily standards) body is a gift from God. I believe HE wants me to be modest. And I am VERY comfortable doing so...Yes, men are wired to look at scantily clad women and usually ( naturally) react as is described in the video. So YES women have to "help" them to avoid this "natural" reaction by dressing modestly. What we do effects others. if you want to be taken seriously as a woman, then have self respect...and keep some mystery about yourself.

  • 2014-03-14T15:41:35

Guys get stupid around half-naked women? I had no idea. Good for you starting the company. Those swimsuits are lovely. "Power"? Has it occurred to anyone that when men want to communicate power, they wear a suit, not a jockstrap? Nudity and near-nudity is the symbol of vulnerability, not strength. Remember: nobody can exploit you without your permission.

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