The Godly Truth About Bikinis - FINALLY Someone Gets It!



  • 2014-03-05T03:14:34

Mark Winstanley I do what I can, sir. XD Even though you've missed most of the major points I've made, at least it got a response out of you, so that's nice. I like it when people actually take the time to comment on something that I consider a serious issue. I'll probably continue posting my "texted diarrhea" elsewhere on the 'net, since I'm sure there's some young girl out there, body-shaming herself for no reason, that needs to hear it. Feel free to follow suit if you like. XD

  • 2014-03-04T18:15:24


  • 2014-03-04T16:32:38

I think she did a great job here! god·ly adjective \-lē\ : believing in God and in the importance of living a moral life. The things people pick apart are unreal!!

  • 2014-03-04T15:49:26

Love her.

  • 2014-03-04T15:07:21

Some creeds have very strict dress codes, and many believe it best to refer to the texts for guidance. Many religious texts are contradictory. Proof of this lies within the hundreds of denominations of different churches & beliefs. When it comes to any issue as intangible as this, interpretation(the driving force between contradicting beliefs) is the key to realizing it is important to be pragmatic. Something we can all agree on is that God gave all of us the choice of free-will. Adam & Eve had the choice of free-will before & after eating the "fruit". We have the same freedom. A swim-suit is nothing more than a swim-suit. It is free-will whether anyone wants to wear one. It is interpretation & free-will that selects whether or not you make it sexual. The beauty of free-will also exists in capitalism. If this woman wants to sell swimsuits she has that right. The bottom-line is this if we are honest with ourselves everything else will fall into place.

  • 2014-03-04T14:37:25

Cam, I agree and disagree with you. It is a person's responsibility to keep their minds on appropriate things, to see others as people, not objects, etc. However, to leave this only in the hands of the one who is tempted isn't right, either. Kind of like if I put 6 of an alcoholic's favorite beers in front of him with no other options to drink. That wouldn't be right for me to do and it is still his responsibility to avoid drinking. We all know how you dress greatly affects what people think of you. It amazes me that those who say they argue for women's rights and equality so often don't seem to get it that when they dress provocatively, they're reinforcing the objectification of women.

  • 2014-03-04T12:13:10

Jeannie Oakes Herod Are you familiar with the so-called "National Geographic Exception"? That is, the rule that National Geographic doesn't count as pornography for depicting nudity...there are cultures where women walk around topless all day and nobody cares because those cultures don't attach any sexual significance at all to breasts. This is all relative and subjective, and no, there ARE places in the world where you can walk around naked and nobody will care or get aroused. Your experience of the world is not universally normative.

  • 2014-03-04T12:10:24

Charles Sansing So what about men who swim topless?

  • 2014-03-04T10:34:42

Jenny Lee Ortiz you're pretty much a moron, aren't you jen?

  • 2014-03-04T07:38:27

She tried at least. Her swim suit line is very modest. For today's times. Although scandalous for the 60's. But the skin tight one peice that we see everywhere is hardly better than the bikini. It's deciding between 2 turds. Not a valid argument.

  • 2014-03-04T06:43:56

Jeannie Oakes Herod thanks for throwing some knowledge in Wayne's direction. He's been trolling these parts for awhile now. What's the purpose of a woman showing off her body? What are her intentions? I wear swim trunks because I wanna swim. A woman wears a bikini or swimsuit to do the same, but bikinis are marketed as sexy, fabulous, beautiful, gorgeous, etc.

  • 2014-03-04T06:40:17

False. Women DO objectify men. I wish this notion was thrown out a long time ago. It must come from the same area that claims women don't rape men. Men are men and women are women. We're not built the same way and it's an insult to suggest we are.

  • 2014-03-04T06:26:43

People can find an argument in anything. I get it. I really do. What truly amazes me is that people can argue that modesty is wrong or a type of brainwashing. This lovely woman wasn't pushing her beliefs onto anyone else. She was simply presenting information from various sources of research through the years that laid it out pretty simply. My wife wears a bikini, yes. I'm aware that other men check her out, but it doesn't bother me because I don't let it. I think it could honestly be said that bikinis help to pressure other women into looking a certain way. "I wish I could wear that, but my body wouldn't look as good in it as hers." TO EACH THEIR OWN, but at the end of the day, what is so wrong with modesty? I'm responsible for where my eyes and attention go at the end of the day. That's no one else's responsibility, but my own, but we also need to stop acting like women and men are equals. It's an insult to both sexes. Breasts are not equal to a man's hairy or shaven chest. Breasts are also much more than a simple sex object. But STOP comparing men and women as equals. We're human yes, but let men be men and women be women.

  • 2014-03-04T05:43:10

Everything we choose to do comes from whats in the heart, whether we choose to cover or go naked, lust or look away.

  • 2014-03-03T21:34:30

God made man and women in his image! This clothing thing!!! this is of man! go to any beach in Europe! spend a day on the beach and its no big thing topples let alone a bikini! even nude beaches what the big deal Really the church has manipulated our thoughts in the name of GOD! for the purpose of controlling our lives, I am a father of two beautiful daughters and i fined this video to be misleading and marginally truth full , yes you can bend words and study s to do your biding, We made clothes so we wouldn't freeze to death in cold weather , i live in a resort community and its nothing to see men and women walking around on a hot day wearing what makes them comfortable in 110..degree heat! the lies and brain washing that our church officials have perpetrated against its own people and then to brain was our children with crap like this make me sick ! Will i show my daughters this video ? Yes to show just how ridiculous things have gotten in the church! by the way God said our body's are are temples ! so what the church says our body's are sinful and lust full? if you cant control you man parts, or lady parts it is the you who need help ! so know if a man rapes a women its her fault for not covering up properly?! I don't think so O by the way as God said our body's are our temple and we must treat them with respect ! i agree with that ! ... This also means our body's are our temples and we can hold church anywhere we are we don't need to go to some lying man driven money grabbing church To talk to God! he's in everything we touch ! Shame on the makers of this silly mind control video ! only the week will fall for this crap! Shame on them all !

  • 2014-03-03T19:55:22

This has really shocked me about the history about bikini's. I always wondered about why women don't wear anything modest anymore. I also questioned about what did swimsuits look like back then. But the most shocking thing of all was to know that the only person that would wear such a thing would be a striper. I am really thankful to God for this video. Women need to stop reveling their body and start revealing their dignity.

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