Wild Fox is Caught Playing on the Trampoline!



  • 2013-07-21T15:42:43

It doesn't really matter..but the choice of words is iso mportant.

  • 2013-07-21T15:40:20

Mitzi Howell It's title has been changed. It's not as if we are already NEGATIVE people for merely saying that the title (originally) had been misleading. We're not being critical as in harsh critical. As Christians, we're supposed to be very careful about the words that come out of our mouth, as well as in our posts and comments, we're supposed to be very prudent, exact and correct, no less. Again, just sayin'.

  • 2013-07-15T16:05:25

looks flea bitten and was trying to remove whatever it was. Cute but wasn't playing.

  • 2013-07-14T00:43:13

Such joy to watch our BEAUTIFUL animals! Only wish they would be loved by EVERYONE..

  • 2013-07-13T16:53:38

What does it matter ? it's funny.

  • 2013-07-13T16:51:25

I been in the woods all my life and have never seen a fox on a trampoline I don't see how it is misleading all it is playing on a trampoline and that is not normal for a fox. Lighten up a little Christians shouldn't be so tight.

  • 2013-07-13T13:51:21

Besides..I think it wanted to jump and bounce but it doesn't weigh enough to get any going......

  • 2013-07-13T13:38:52

Linda Rudd So stop watching and stop the criticism already! I expect Godtube to not have so many negative people on it... just saying!

  • 2013-07-13T12:46:55

Gee, if you watch this fox closely for a few minutes, it looks like it might be flea infested and is trying to scratch and roll around because of the itching!

  • 2013-07-10T11:52:27

Yep I think she was in heat .

  • 2013-07-10T10:49:57

Pretty neat, and I did not know that about their eyesight. That explains why I can walk right up to one without him being scared.

  • 2013-07-10T06:00:05

Piper is a gift from God , what a miracle !! She is beautiful Not surprised! she has Davis blood ! Such a lucky & Loved child blessed with caring & loving parents!! Alone with the entire family !! God bless & keep u safe !!

  • 2013-07-10T05:30:48

well, there are now preparing foxes to be the new best pet, all researched from a pilot study of over 40 years ago started in russia.. you can read more about it at national geographic, & its success is surprising everyone, including those that started the study.

  • 2013-07-10T05:30:07

well, there are now preparing foxes to be the new best pet, all researched from a pilot study of over 40 years ago started in russia.. you can read more about it at national geographic.

  • 2013-07-10T03:49:26

I think the Fox was attracted by the smell of the trampoline. It seems to be trying to rub the smell onto its body which is a typical action of a canine that finds a smell it likes. I don't know if cats do that or not. Foxes have poor eyesight and usually identify things by smell. I think that once attracted by the smell, the Fox likes the feel of it under foot. This is a really cute video! Lucky folks to see and record this event.

  • 2013-07-09T23:59:15

audio is not working on my pc, but i went back to re-read the title . . .copy, paste of title: "Wild Fox is Caught Playing on the Trampoline! - Cute Videos" po-tate-toe/po-tot-o. . (phonetic spelling). sorry, but it irks me when people slam God tube for showing something that you might not see at church on Sunday morning, or that is not EXACTLY as quoted/advertised. . . it's still funny, often inspiring, and NEVER ungodly . . . let's leave the minor infringements up to interpretation. just sayin'

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