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How do joy and laughter reveal the heart of God?

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  • Which Bible?
    Which Bible?On Sunday morning March 23, 2008 at Lighthouse Baptist Church, Pastor David Grice briefly discusses the differences in Bible versions and the misconception that the KJV is too archaic to understand, and then he draws an interesting parrallel betwe...lighthousebaptistchurch2010-10-02T00:03:581,919 views00:05:55
  • Use it or lose it
    Use it or lose itClips from a sermon delivered by Pastor David Grice on Sunday evening April 6, 2008 at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, Texas. 1 Corinthians 4:1-2 "Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the myst...lighthousebaptistchurch2010-10-02T00:04:002,033 views00:09:19
  • Keep it
    Keep itPastor David Grice preaches at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, Texas on April 23, 2008.lighthousebaptistchurch2010-10-02T00:04:001,752 views00:07:20
  • God help America
    God help AmericaPastor David Grice preaches at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Grand Prairie, Texas on Sunday morning, May 4, 2008.lighthousebaptistchurch2010-10-02T00:04:001,037 views00:07:40
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls
    The Dead Sea ScrollsDr. Patton is the staff Geologist for the Qumran Plateu excavation in Israel, the site that produced the Dead Sea Scrolls some 2,000 years ago. More at,933 views00:09:45
  • Digging for the Truth of the Bible
    Digging for the Truth of the BibleInfluential archeologists in Israel are declaring that archeology has proved "the Israelites were never in Egypt.... <br /><br />

    Joshua 2:15 verified by archeology. More at
    creation7772008-12-24T00:00:002,029 views00:08:57
  • Four Myths About Satan
    Four Myths About SatanThe title says it all. There are many people who give Satan too much credit and give him powers that he does not posess.prophecyonthemove2010-10-02T00:06:503,163 views00:03:58
  • The Shack, where does it go wrong?
    The Shack, where does it go wrong?The shack teaches many things that are contrary to God's word, and this video covers a few of them and why this book is harmful.prophecyonthemove2010-10-02T00:07:556,989 views00:04:06
  • Made In The Image Of God
    Made In The Image Of GodMan was created in the image of God...what does that mean?toferweb2010-10-02T00:16:132,077 views00:29:13
  • Skit Guys - What Keeps You From Following God?
    Skit Guys - What Keeps You From Following God?In several funny scenes the Guys show many reasons people don't follow God completely. Sometimes it's excuses, sometimes it's procrastination, and sometimes it may be you.skitguys2010-10-02T01:00:0645,125 views00:11:48
  • Skit Guys - God's Chisel
    Skit Guys - God's ChiselDownload this video at When God chisels the dead weight out of our lives it can be very painful. In one of their most ...skitguys2010-10-02T01:04:26468,139 views00:08:58
  • The Few - Piper/Washer/Ravenhill/Conway
    The Few - Piper/Washer/Ravenhill/ConwayJohn Piper, Paul Washer, Leonard Ravenhill, Tim Conway, Charles Leiteribh12010-10-02T01:12:1713,172 views00:09:36
  • Skit Guys - Comfort Zone
    Skit Guys - Comfort ZoneIt seems that way too many of us tend to live inside our Comfort Zone and miss out on what God has planned for us. In this humorous 1950's style video, Tommy helps people see that living life inside the comfort zone is living outside of God's will...skitguys2010-10-02T01:29:2412,568 views00:02:07