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  • Oil of GladnessOil of Gladness
    Getting lots of joy.chadleatherby2011-08-25T23:44:181,045 views00:10:00
  • Prosperity in the BibleProsperity in the Bible
    Is it God's will for you to prosper? Does He want you to experience an abundant life without lack? Does He desire to give good gifts to His children? Are wealth and riches blessings from the Lord? Find the answers to these questions and more in th...chadleatherby2011-07-28T21:59:43904 views00:03:10
  • Slain in the SpiritSlain in the Spirit
    Slain by the power of the Holy Spiritchadleatherby2011-01-19T22:15:112,907 views00:10:43
  • Miracles from Navajo Missions TripMiracles from Navajo Missions Trip
    Pastor gets knee healed, another guy gets back pain/nerve damage healed, etc.chadleatherby2011-01-19T20:40:201,131 views00:04:53
  • Gold Dust from GodGold Dust from God
    Holy Spirit signs that make you wonder....the gold dust has been appearing on my hands during worship, prayer, etc. for a while now. I believe it represents the kingdom of heaven that is at hand...and his glory being upon us.chadleatherby2011-01-09T23:53:035,832 views00:01:12
  • Till Divorce Do Us Part (part 2)Till Divorce Do Us Part (part 2)
    The second part in a series looking at marriage, divorce, and remarriage. We go to the streets to interview on this topic. chadleatherby2010-12-26T17:44:05880 views00:13:35
  • Healing Testimonies by the Power of GodHealing Testimonies by the Power of God
    Watch testimonies of people healed of arthritic hands, sciatic nerve damage/pain in the back, knee pain, and more! chadleatherby2010-12-26T17:24:09821 views00:04:53
  • Till Divorce Do Us Part 1Till Divorce Do Us Part 1
    Have you wondered why society today has a breakdown in marriages? What do you think is the cause for this? We will dive into important questions about marriage, divorce, and remarriage in this video series. If you have any questions, send me a com...chadleatherby2010-12-26T16:43:58578 views00:09:37
  • Will you escape the Great Tribulation?Will you escape the Great Tribulation?
    Matthew 24 talks about this time of trouble. Those who pray and perservere will be kept through the trials and tribulations to come upon the world.chadleatherby2010-10-02T01:11:451,610 views00:07:50
  • Who is Israel?Who is Israel?
    Ephesians 2:12 says that Gentiles who were caught off from God, are now brought near by the blood of Messiah. And you are now brought into the covenants and blessings of Israel. Yeshua came to make "one new man" b/t both Jew and Gentile.chadleatherby2010-10-02T01:10:571,953 views00:07:02
  • Homosexuality is just plain wrong!Homosexuality is just plain wrong!
    I love you as a human being (homosexuals/gays/lesbians) but I have to let you know the truth of what God's word says about that lifestyle choice as a sin. Even if you are more inclined toward the same sex, ...
    chadleatherby2010-10-02T00:44:163,312 views00:08:26
  • Valentines Day or Lupercalia?Valentines Day or Lupercalia?
    Love, Love, Love, or that's what we've been told this day is all about.

    Or did it originate in a pagan lust festival? Does God care what customs we follow?

    the website at the end is a friend of mine's who made the video, not ...
    chadleatherby2010-10-02T00:27:442,884 views00:04:45
  • 7 Prophetic Biblical Feast Days7 Prophetic Biblical Feast Days
    The spring feasts point to Messiah's first coming as the lamb of redemption, the fall feasts point to His 2nd coming as conquering King.chadleatherby2010-10-02T00:02:163,181 views00:04:38
  • The Cross, Star of David, and Crescent MoonThe Cross, Star of David, and Crescent Moon
    We are to focus on worshiping God in spirit and in truth.chadleatherby2010-10-01T23:56:074,911 views00:08:45
  • Prophecy- 666, Mark of the Beast, Antichrist RFID chipProphecy- 666, Mark of the Beast, Antichrist RFID chip
    First off, I'm not saying the micro-chip is the end all to this prophecy, there are many levels to it.

    But I believe the chip will be included in this prophecy for modern nations in the future. The poor nations that don't have electricity ...
    chadleatherby2010-10-01T23:53:118,896 views00:09:43
  • Who is Yeshua/Jesus?Who is Yeshua/Jesus?
    Who is Yeshua to you? The scriptures show that He is divine (deity), or the ETERNAL God (the "I AM") that revealed Himself to many saints in the Tenach (Old Testament).

    The scriptures show that the Messiah is promised to come fro...
    chadleatherby2010-10-01T23:51:592,948 views00:09:58