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  • BULB Film #3 "Seven Good Reasons"BULB Film #3
    Would you like to be able to prove the existence of GOD to your friends or family members in under 10mins?
    Watch this short film by Pastor Paul Lyndon and learn seven good reasons why GOD must exist!
    bulbseries2013-06-10T15:19:09228 views00:11:05
  • BULBseries Film2 VolcanomanBULBseries Film2 Volcanoman
    Second film in the series investigating the Transfiguration of Jesus from a Jewish historical perspective.bulbseries2012-12-22T17:34:07282 views00:12:15
  • BULB series #1 Icebreaker BULB series #1 Icebreaker
    A group study on one of the most phenomenal miracles of Jesus.bulbseries2012-11-23T05:24:05603 views00:12:44