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Hidden Sins
How have you been trying to deal with your sin?

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  • Pais run youth ministry with M4 program
    Pais run youth ministry with M4 programThis is a promotional video for iconnect+ student ministry.

    iconnect+ is a youth ministry which has partnered with the pais project to deliver it's M4 program - an intentional way of training student missionaries.

    Read more about M4 at www.p...
    paismovement2008-03-17T00:00:0010,469 views00:03:12
  • Satan's meeting
    Satan's meetingSatan's meeting: about how he keeps the Christians to busy and pulled away from the relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior.
    revterry12008-03-17T00:00:00330,577 views00:05:28
  • God's Garden
    God's GardenThe trailer for a new series from Pais Project entitled "God's Garden"paismovement2008-03-17T00:00:003,060 views00:02:46
  • Falling Up "Hotel Aquarium"
    Falling Up "Hotel Aquarium"Falling Up "Hotel Aquarium" from the album "Captiva" (Tooth & Nail Records/BEC Recordings)rivevideo2010-10-01T23:00:0611,679 views00:02:55
  • Casting Crowns - Slow Fade (Official Music Video)
    Casting Crowns - Slow Fade (Official Music Video)Casting Crowns - Slow Fade Music Video. casting-crowns2010-10-01T23:33:50185,973 views00:05:18
  • Through The Storm
    Through The Storm

    Sometimes life doesn't go the way we planned. But in the midst of the storm, God is working, healing, cleansing.
    4120media2010-10-02T00:17:2321,284 views00:02:50
  • In Between
    In Between

    What comes between you and God? This powerful video shows some of the things that distract us from Him.
    4120media2010-10-02T00:17:2317,423 views00:02:11
  • Thirsty

    Are you thirsty for more? How far would you go to have God pour over you and quench your thirst?
    4120media2010-10-02T00:17:2324,822 views00:03:43
  • Jeremy Camp "Speaking Louder Than Before"
    Jeremy Camp "Speaking Louder Than Before"Jeremy Camp "Speaking Louder Than Before" from the album "Speaking Louder Than Before" (BEC Recordings)rivevideo2010-10-02T00:18:225,061 views00:03:28
  • It's Time
    It's TimeWe often go through our lives carelessly without giving careful thought to what we do. While God's house "remains a ruin," we are busy building our own. It's time to give careful thought to our ways.4120media2010-10-02T00:18:385,672 views00:04:12
  • GodBringers - Stop Inviting People To Church...
    GodBringers - Stop Inviting People To Church...Here is a sample video for a new initiative from the Pais Project - GodBringers!

    Stop inviting people to church...and start bringing them!
    paismovement2010-10-02T00:19:563,035 views00:01:45
  • REACH into the Darkness
    REACH into the DarknessMillions of men, women and children live and die beyond the REACH - tribal people without hope. Could this be our responsibility? Could this be our darkness? New Tribes Mission can help you Expand Your REACH. (To learn more about your opportunitie...ntm2010-10-02T00:25:311,899 views00:01:52