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King of the Sunrise
How are you declaring the glory of God in your life?

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Philippians 4:5



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  • Billy Graham's First Tent Revival
    Billy Graham's First Tent RevivalBilly Graham is brought to a local tent revival by a friend to see a traveling evangelist for the first time. The preacher speaks to him in a way that is completely unknown to him.billygrahammovie2010-10-02T02:06:382,267 views00:02:03
  • Billy Graham's First Sermon
    Billy Graham's First SermonBilly Graham give his first sermon as a seminarian. It is a surreal experience for him... and the audience.billygrahammovie2010-10-02T02:06:322,723 views00:01:29
  • Jericho Meets Jesus for the First Time
    Jericho Meets Jesus for the First TimeJericho hates humans and after a painful experiences goes to a mountain to vent his anger. When he sees a human nearby, he decides to attack, but this isn't just any person...billygrahammovie2010-10-02T02:06:32804 views00:02:01
  • Billy: The Early Years - God's Revelation to Billy
    Billy: The Early Years - God's Revelation to BillyWhen events surrounding his life force him into a crisis of faith, Billy Graham prays in the woods for discernment, and God reveals His plan for him.billygrahammovie2010-10-02T02:06:171,109 views00:02:48
  • Jericho Introduces Sykosus
    Jericho Introduces SykosusThere is one man who puts fear into the hearts of all animals in Jerusalem, and that's Sykosus. In this scene, Jericho tells his friends about Sykosus' brutality.billygrahammovie2010-10-02T02:05:38726 views00:01:44
  • Amount to Nothing
    Amount to NothingBilly: The Early Years

    A young Billy Graham is told by a college co-ed (whom he is interested in) that he will amount to nothing.
    billygrahammovie2010-10-02T02:05:09819 views00:01:41
  • Our Pack Had Come Together
    Our Pack Had Come TogetherJericho and his band of misfit animals set on a journey into Jerusalem.billygrahammovie2010-10-02T02:05:08761 views00:02:37
  • My Name is Jericho
    My Name is JerichoJericho, is a vagabond street dog who befriends Jesus and follows him throughout the final week of his life.

    Jericho hates humans, so when Jesus is kind to him, it's the biggest surprise of his life. We see him turn from fear and an...
    billygrahammovie2010-10-02T02:03:551,100 views00:00:15
  • Amount to Nothing
    Amount to NothingBilly was raised in a Christian home. His father was a dairy farmer who was hardworking, strict and loved God. Billy didn't easily accept Christian evanglists as a young man. Before Billy devoted his life to God, he was skeptical of evangelists...billygrahammovie2010-10-02T02:02:451,063 views00:01:41