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  • The Sunset of Messiah
    The Sunset of Messiah1887 The Sunset of Messiah.The beautiful mystery in Messiah's dying on Calvary as the sun descends into the earth - Messiah the Sunset- and what that means for your life. The power to leave the old life, the old ways, and the old you.

    bethisraelwayne2014-04-30T18:16:57742 views00:08:30
  • The Passover Seder 2014
    The Passover Seder 20141885 The Passover Seder 2014. Experience the Passover, the Last Supper and the Biblical Communion in its original form just as the disciples did 2000 years ago! bethisraelwayne2014-04-30T18:07:36705 views00:07:57
  • The End Time Revelation Strategy II.
    The End Time Revelation Strategy II.1883 The End-Time Revelation Strategy II. We are rapidly entering the dynamics of the last days, including apostasy, the increase of evil, and the persecution of believers. Discover the strategy from ancient times on how to survive, prosper and ov...bethisraelwayne2014-04-14T12:46:56971 views00:08:24
  • The I Am Mysteries
    The I Am Mysteries1884 The I am Mysteries.The most amazing, mysterious and beyond Name. The name of God - YHVH - I AM - and the amazing truths and powers it holds for your life.bethisraelwayne2014-04-14T12:46:54664 views00:08:18
  • Promise Keepers Press Conference 2/28/14
    Promise Keepers Press Conference 2/28/14Jonathan Cahn, Raleigh Washington & David Jesse lead a press conference at the Jerusalem Center, in Wayne NJ, kicking off Jesus Reigns 2014.

    bethisraelwayne2014-04-07T14:41:18814 views00:33:45
  • The Call of the Destined
    The Call of the Destined1880 The Call of the Destined. There is a calling on your life: a plan and a destiny. Discover the keys in the Book of Esther. How not to miss it, how to rise to it, and how to find your destiny.bethisraelwayne2014-03-31T15:59:06733 views00:07:53
  • The Mystery of the Omega Stone
    The Mystery of the Omega Stone1882 The Mystery of the Omega Stone. An ancient prophecy of Messiah and a cosmic revelation of everything from the cross, to the covenants, world history, the fulfillment of the ages, epochs and your life!bethisraelwayne2014-03-31T13:54:05847 views00:08:27
  • The Heavenly Exchange
    The Heavenly Exchange1875 The Heavenly Exchange! Secrets of the Pearl IV. . How to make the heavenly exchange and receive the riches and powers of heaven.bethisraelwayne2014-03-31T13:39:051,140 views00:08:15
  • The Lamb of the Rising
    The Lamb of the Rising1881 The Lamb of the Rising:The Lamb Mysteries IV. . The most majestic theme of Scripture continues with the revelation of the Lamb and the connection to the Resurrection that goes back to ancient times.bethisraelwayne2014-03-31T13:24:04661 views00:08:44
  • The Mystery of Haman II.
    The Mystery of Haman II.1879 The Mystery of Haman II. One of the clearest revelations of the enemy, his nature, and his strategies against God's people is hidden in the mystery of Haman. Learn them and how to overcome!bethisraelwayne2014-03-24T15:19:04678 views00:07:19
  • The Spirit of the Wolf
    The Spirit of the Wolf1878 The Spirit of the Wolf. The enemy is call the wolf. What does that mean and what does it reveal? Discover the keys and signs of recognizing the wolf and his strategies against God and your life.bethisraelwayne2014-03-24T15:14:03669 views00:08:10
  • The Sarim Little Messiahs V.
    The Sarim Little Messiahs V.1877 The Sarim:The Little Messiahs V. .The Word reveals that you are to be a little version of Messiah, in a sense, a Messiah person. What does that mean for your life? What calling do you have to fulfill? And who are the Sarim?bethisraelwayne2014-03-24T15:09:03673 views00:07:29
  • YHVH in Sandals
    YHVH in Sandals1876 YHVH in Sandals. What if the Eternal, the Almighty, the Most High decided to come down? What would happen? He did... and the ramifications of this miracle are mind-blowing!bethisraelwayne2014-03-11T15:05:06746 views00:07:05
  • The Dodekha Mystery
    The Dodekha Mystery1873 The Dodekha Mystery. Your life is to be a love story whether single or married. Based on one of the most beautiful mysteries in God.bethisraelwayne2014-03-03T16:39:34677 views00:07:49
  • The River of the Priests
    The River of the Priests1871 The River of the Priests. All believers are given to ministry. How do you fulfill it? How do you master it? How do you become successful in it? The secret is in the river of the priests.
    bethisraelwayne2014-03-03T16:34:34476 views00:08:00
  • The Mystery of the Tzipurim
    The Mystery of the Tzipurim1874 The Mystery of the Tzipurim. From one of the strangest and mysterious rituals in the bible. An amazing and profound mystery behind everything from the priest of Israel, John the Baptist, the Jordan, the leper and Messiah.bethisraelwayne2014-02-25T10:34:26729 views00:08:34

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