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Generous Hearts
Have you ever been the recipient of someone else’s generosity?

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When You Can't Forgive Someone, Pray for Them



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  • The Yad People
    The Yad PeopleThe Yad People # 2000. A train of surprising revelations behind one of the most common words we use with the power to change a life from want to overflowing blessing.bethisraelwayne2015-12-29T10:16:4416 views00:06:48
  • The Mystery Harvests
    The Mystery HarvestsThe Mystery Harvests #1998. One of the strangest phenomenon of history, the Biblical celebration of harvests that never existed and how its secret can revolutionize how you live your life.bethisraelwayne2015-12-29T10:11:4541 views00:07:50
  • Lawless
    LawlessLawless #1997. It's not what you think. For most of us lawlessness is a bad thing, a sign of a criminial. But there is a holy and divine lawlessness that can change your life. bethisraelwayne2015-12-21T11:06:4312 views00:09:04
  • The Pruner's Handbook
    The Pruner's HandbookThe Pruner's Handbook #1996. One of the most unknown of biblical keys to living a life that is fruitful and fulfills the calling God has given you.bethisraelwayne2015-12-21T11:01:4213 views00:08:33
  • The Power of Tamim
    The Power of TamimThe Power of Tamim #1994. Tamim, one of the richest words in the Hebrew scriptures is the nature of Messiah. It needs to be the nature of every believer. How to live a life of Tamim.bethisraelwayne2015-12-13T23:01:4229 views00:08:26
  • The Devil's Psychological Warfare
    The Devil's Psychological WarfareThe Devil's Psychological Warfare-and How to Overcome It #1995.On the eve of Halloween, Jonathan uncovers the tactics, strategies, and methods the enemy uses to intimidate, hinder, distract, discourage, blind, and stop the child of God. It may be...bethisraelwayne2015-12-13T23:01:4027 views00:07:46
  • The Tent of Heaven
    The Tent of HeavenThe Tent of Heaven #1990. God gave instructions for a tent to be built by Israel in which He would place His presence. Discover how God's presence and glory can indwell every moment of your life, from the amazing keys revealed in the Tent of Heave...bethisraelwayne2015-12-06T22:11:4222 views00:07:52
  • Isaiah's Kippurim I.
    Isaiah's Kippurim I.Isiah's Kippurim I. #1993. The most holy and awesome of days comes together with the most controversial and amazing of Messiah's prophecies to bring the deepest of revelations.bethisraelwayne2015-12-06T22:11:4012 views00:07:08
  • The Alpha and the Omega Scroll
    The Alpha and the Omega ScrollThe Alpha and the Omega Scroll: The Mystery of Shemeni Atzeret II. #1989. Discover the most mystery-filled day God gave to his people. The last and final day, the Eighth day, the Alpha Scroll, the Omega Scroll, the Day of Eternity, what is yet to ...bethisraelwayne2015-11-30T00:21:3621 views00:07:22
  • The Once-In-An Etrnity World
    The Once-In-An Etrnity WorldThe Once - In- An Eternity World. #1988.The Feast of Tabernacles reveals what it will be like when you look back at your earthly life - the once in eternity blessings, gifts, miracles and chances so great that even heaven won't have them. A profou...bethisraelwayne2015-11-30T00:16:358 views00:08:02
  • The Tabernacle of David Mystery
    The Tabernacle of David MysteryThe Tabernacle of David Mystery #1987. From a prophetic word given the Prime Minister of Israel, to the ancient appearances of the "Tabernacle of David," to the prophetic word given on Israel's birth, to the Temple, the Jubilee, and how your life ...bethisraelwayne2015-11-23T01:11:3328 views00:09:01
  • The Prophetic Jubilee I.
    The Prophetic Jubilee I.The Prophetic Jubilee I. #1985. An amazing mystery including: The Mystery of the Seventh Shemitah-The Prophetic Jubilee-The Restoration of Zion-the 1917 Manifestation-the little boy and General Allenby - The Seventh Shemitah and the Restoration of...bethisraelwayne2015-11-23T01:06:3422 views00:08:46
  • The Coming Moed
    The Coming MoedThe Coming Moed #1984.There is a blueprint in the Bible that reveals the plan of the age. The next event coming up in the plan holds the key to the end-times and for the end-time believer. A blueprint for how to live in the Last Days.
    To get...
    bethisraelwayne2015-11-15T21:56:3136 views00:08:55
  • The Revelation Template
    The Revelation TemplateThe Revelation Template #1983. Behind the Book of Revelation and the Last Days lies a template that most people miss and have never realized - a template for the end-time believer that can change your life for victory.
    To get in touch, to r...
    bethisraelwayne2015-11-15T21:36:3234 views00:07:57
  • The Tectonic Moment and The Appointed Destiny
    The Tectonic Moment and The Appointed DestinyThe Tectonic Moment and The Appointed Destiny #1980.There is an appointed destiny for each child of God and there are key moments that unlock this destiny. A prophetic message as Jonathan opens up a key and tectonic moment of the end times that ha...bethisraelwayne2015-11-08T20:41:3043 views00:08:58
  •  Anochee Eemcha
    Anochee EemchaAnochee Eemcha #1979. How you can stay strong no matter what happens in your life and in the world. One of the most powerful promises that God gave His servants, from Jacob to Moses, Gideon, Jeremiah, and Paul – and now to you. The Hebrew words th...bethisraelwayne2015-11-01T21:51:2689 views00:08:27