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Jesus is the author of life.

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At My Lowest, God is My Hope



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  • Isaiah's Kippurim II.
    Isaiah's Kippurim II.Isiah's Kippurim II. #2019. The most amazing of Messianic prophecies and the deep chain that connects it to the holiest day of the year - Yom Kippur. Together it opens up some of the deepest mysteries of Messiah.
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    bethisraelwayne2016-02-29T12:42:1914 views00:08:50
  • The Appointing and The Anointing
    The Appointing and The AnointingThe Appointing and The Anointing #2011. The surprising keys of how to appoint the future for your life, and your life for the future. How to guarantee an anointed future.
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    bethisraelwayne2016-02-23T09:47:0022 views00:06:51
  • The Surprise
    The SurpriseThe Surprise #2017. What does surprise have to do with your faith, your walk, your relationship with God, and living with the power of God's life? Everything. Discover it.
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    bethisraelwayne2016-02-23T02:02:0117 views00:08:33
  • The Shalom I Give
    The Shalom I GiveThe Shalom I Give #2013. Messiah did not promise to give you "peace," but to give you Shalom. Find out the gigantic difference and the keys to staying in Shalom no matter what happens in the world and what goes on around you.
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    bethisraelwayne2016-02-23T01:57:0014 views00:08:45
  • The Alpha Key
    The Alpha KeyThe Alpha Key #2012. The secret of change, how to transform your life. Find the biblical key, the scientific key and the missing key to open up the door to the change God wants for your life.
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    bethisraelwayne2016-02-23T01:52:0530 views00:08:25
  • The Keys of Victory
    The Keys of VictoryThe Keys of Victory #2016. How do you overcome despite adversity, trouble, hard times and the end-times? Jonathan will share the specific spiritual and practical keys guaranteed to give you a life of victory.
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    bethisraelwayne2016-02-15T12:16:5737 views00:07:26
  • The Bethlehem Tapestries
    The Bethlehem TapestriesThe Bethlehem Tapestries #2006. The amazing ways God wove two obscure lives together to fulfill ancient prophecies and cosmic purposes, and how to be used in the same way. Walk in the Destiny God has appointed for your life.
    bethisraelwayne2016-01-18T11:57:0461 views00:08:21
  • The Wonder
    The WonderThe Wonder #2005. It’s one of the most amazing and wonder-filled words in the Bible and it has everything to do with Messiah and you. But you won’t find it in your English Bibles. Discover the wonder word that can change your life.bethisraelwayne2016-01-18T11:07:1129 views00:06:56
  • The Menorah Prophecy
    The Menorah ProphecyThe Menorah Prophecy # 2004. The Hanukah Parsha, the Super Menorah, Two Olive Trees, and the Oil of the Spirit. A powerful word of encouragement from God to you about your calling, the hindrances and discouragement, and God's promise and the power...bethisraelwayne2016-01-13T14:16:5147 views00:08:39
  • The Rechem
    The RechemThe Rechem # 2002. A revelation of cosmic proportions that will change the way you see this world and this life, and its deep connection to the Heavenlies.
    bethisraelwayne2016-01-04T18:51:4825 views00:08:25
  • The Power of Integritas
    The Power of IntegritasThe Power of Integritas # 2001. One of the least spoken of and yet most important qualities that an end-time believer must have. bethisraelwayne2016-01-04T18:06:4819 views00:07:35
  • The Yad People
    The Yad PeopleThe Yad People # 2000. A train of surprising revelations behind one of the most common words we use with the power to change a life from want to overflowing blessing.bethisraelwayne2015-12-29T10:16:4416 views00:06:48
  • The Mystery Harvests
    The Mystery HarvestsThe Mystery Harvests #1998. One of the strangest phenomenon of history, the Biblical celebration of harvests that never existed and how its secret can revolutionize how you live your life.bethisraelwayne2015-12-29T10:11:4541 views00:07:50
  • Lawless
    LawlessLawless #1997. It's not what you think. For most of us lawlessness is a bad thing, a sign of a criminial. But there is a holy and divine lawlessness that can change your life. bethisraelwayne2015-12-21T11:06:4312 views00:09:04
  • The Pruner's Handbook
    The Pruner's HandbookThe Pruner's Handbook #1996. One of the most unknown of biblical keys to living a life that is fruitful and fulfills the calling God has given you.bethisraelwayne2015-12-21T11:01:4214 views00:08:33
  • The Power of Tamim
    The Power of TamimThe Power of Tamim #1994. Tamim, one of the richest words in the Hebrew scriptures is the nature of Messiah. It needs to be the nature of every believer. How to live a life of Tamim.bethisraelwayne2015-12-13T23:01:4238 views00:08:26