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  • The Prodigal Son Revelation
    The Prodigal Son Revelation1723 The Prodigal Son Revelation.The most universal and personal of Messiah's parables also contains a mystery behind the present age,the Jew, the Gentile,Israel,the Church,and the last days.bethisraelwayne2012-02-25T10:04:08333 views00:07:53
  • State Of Bliss
    State Of Bliss1722 State Of Bliss.The world seeks for a state of bliss-but only in God can you find it.The true secrets and keys to true joy,fullness,contentment,and finding the state of bliss. bethisraelwayne2012-02-25T09:59:08339 views00:08:39
  • The Three Anointings Of The Holy
    The Three Anointings Of The Holy1720 The Three Anointings Of The Holy.Every believer in Messiah is called to be a priest-but how did the priests enter into their calling-The secret of the three anointings that has everything to do with you fully entering into your calling.bethisraelwayne2012-02-25T09:54:06363 views00:09:22
  • The Messiah Bearer
    The Messiah Bearer1721 The Messiah Bearer.From the deep and mystery filled Book Of Hebrews,the mystery of the Messiah Bearer-what it means for your life.bethisraelwayne2012-02-08T14:54:21230 views00:08:55
  • The Mystery Of The Cosmic Fringe: The Kraspedon Mysteries IV.
    The Mystery Of The Cosmic Fringe: The Kraspedon Mysteries...1719 The Mystery Of The Cosmic Fringe: The Kraspedon Mysteries IV.The Kraspedon Mysteries come to their conclusion-The mystery of Messiah's sacred garment and the mystery of its fringe and a hint-It has everything to do with you.bethisraelwayne2012-02-08T14:44:22419 views00:07:57
  • The Destiny Principle
    The Destiny Principle1718 The Destiny Principle.Does God have an appointed will for your life and if so,how do you fulfill it?One of the most fascinating revelations from the original Greek from a place you wouldn't expect.bethisraelwayne2012-02-08T14:44:22305 views00:07:15
  • Apprehending The Momentum Of Heaven
    Apprehending The Momentum Of Heaven 1717 Apprehending The Momentum Of Heaven.Do you want a year of breakthrough and victory?The true keys,heavenly and down to earth,from physics in the spiritual realm to change your year and your life.bethisraelwayne2012-01-29T18:29:21261 views00:07:52
  • Rivers In Jerusalem
    Rivers In Jerusalem1716 Rivers In Jerusalem.A look back at a most dramatic year entering Jerusalem, floods, and hurricanes, and rivers of blessing.bethisraelwayne2012-01-29T18:19:22341 views00:07:08
  • The War Of The Christmases
    The War Of The Christmases1715 The War Of The Christmases.There have always been two Christmases – the false and the true – A biblical revelation and a profound spiritual revelation that actually does involve Santa Clause, Frosty, Rudolf, and you!

    bethisraelwayne2012-01-21T10:04:20245 views00:06:34
  • The From Forever Redemption
    The From Forever Redemption1714 The From Forever Redemption.Hidden in an ancient Hebrew prophecy is one of the most cosmic revelations imaginable about Messiah and about your salvation – the mystery of the eternity that already happened and what it has to do with your life.bethisraelwayne2012-01-21T10:04:20247 views00:06:54
  • Lord Of The Ages
    Lord Of The Ages1713 Lord Of The Ages.What happens if we took a time machine back through the centuries- from the 21st century to Bethlehem? This unique message journeys backwards in time through each century to uncover a powerful and cosmic revelation of Messiah...bethisraelwayne2012-01-21T09:59:20249 views00:08:15
  • The Hanukah Code II.
    The Hanukah Code II.1712 The Hanukah Code II. More than any other of Israel’s holiday, Hanukah contains the clearest revelation of the end-times down to specific detail – Open up the Hanukah Code to unlock the mysteries of Rome, the Apostasy, the Persecution, the Ab...bethisraelwayne2012-01-21T09:54:21233 views00:08:56
  •  The Hanukah Code I.
    The Hanukah Code I.1711 The Hanukah Code I. More than any other of Israel’s holiday, Hanukah contains the clearest revelation of the end-times down to specific detail – Open up the Hanukah Code to unlock the mysteries of Babylon, the Fourth Creature, the Antichrist...bethisraelwayne2012-01-21T09:49:20218 views00:07:04
  • Rivers Of Eden
    Rivers Of Eden1710 Rivers Of Eden.God has called you to live a life of fulfillment,contentment,and joy.Uncover the secrets of a true life of joy-from the river of Eden.bethisraelwayne2011-12-11T09:44:15526 views00:07:29
  • Revolutionaries:Little Messiahs
    Revolutionaries:Little Messiahs1709 Revolutionaries:Little Messiahs.You have the calling and the power to live in the image of Messiah-as a "little messiah"-On top of that,you are called to live revolutionary,a revolutionary life,revolutionizing the world.Find out how.bethisraelwayne2011-12-11T09:44:14256 views00:07:40
  • The Purchased
    The Purchased1708 The Purchased.From the exciting book of Acts-One of the most profound revelations in the words of Paul-and how to live a life of ultimately value.bethisraelwayne2011-12-04T09:56:23374 views00:07:35

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