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    JONATHAN CAHN ON CAPITAL HILL FOLLOW BAAL AND GO TO HELL...Jonathan Cahn on Capitol Hill, addresses Members of Congress and Leaders with a prophetic message to the Supreme Court, President Obama and America.bethisraelwayne2015-05-02T17:19:398 views00:08:50
    THE CHRISTIAN HOLOCAUST JONATHAN CAHN'S SPEECH TO THE U....Jonathan Cahn speaks at the United Nation's Economic Social Chamber about global Christian persecution.bethisraelwayne2015-04-28T09:34:3676 views00:12:57
  •  The Power of Remembrance
    The Power of Remembrance1951 The Power of Remembrance. The beautiful meaning of Passover experienced through the Seder. The Biblical celebration of new beginnings and salvation. bethisraelwayne2015-04-28T09:34:3534 views00:06:56
  • The Mantle of Elijah
    The Mantle of Elijah1950 The Mantle of Elijah. The days in which we live can be called the Days of Elijah. And yet even with growing persecution, our greatest days can lie ahead if we take the mantle - the Mantle of Elijah. bethisraelwayne2015-04-20T18:19:3773 views00:08:59
  • The Mountain of the Dark Angel
    The Mountain of the Dark Angel1948 The Mountain of the Dark Angel. The stunning mystery continues from before the foundation of the earth, to the enemy's high place, to an astonishing revelation of which the future of the world hangs.bethisraelwayne2015-04-14T18:09:34129 views00:08:43
  • The Presence in the Tent
    The Presence in the Tent1947 The Presence in the Tent. The Shekhina Glory of God that indwelt the Tent of Meeting and the secrets of how that presence and glory can inhabit your life.bethisraelwayne2015-04-14T18:04:3459 views00:08:07
  •  Storm Breakers
    Storm Breakers1946 Storm Breakers. Storms are part of life and the lives of God's people. We can't avoid them, but we can overcome them. Discover the most important keys for dealing with and triumphing over the storms in your life.bethisraelwayne2015-04-14T17:59:3558 views00:08:50
  • How to use Haman for a Life of Blessing
    How to use Haman for a Life of Blessing1945 How to use Haman for a Life of Blessing. In the end, Haman turned out to be one of the greater blessers of the Jewish people. The amazing working of God to not only deal with our problems, but to actually turn them into blessings. How to iden...bethisraelwayne2015-03-23T15:59:01151 views00:07:34
  • The Epic Ending
    The Epic Ending1944 The Epic Ending. There is a master narrative that runs from ancient times to fairy tales and Hollywood epics. It has everything to do with the Bible, the mystery of the end-times, and the story of your life. Discover the keys of what to do in...bethisraelwayne2015-03-16T16:22:19153 views00:08:04
  • The Dodayich Mystery
    The Dodayich Mystery1943 The Dodayich Mystery. A beautiful mystery contained in the Song of Solomon, God’s love song hidden in the Hebrew, and what it has to do with you and your Beloved and how it can transform your heart, your walk, and your life.bethisraelwayne2015-03-08T20:29:01232 views00:07:45
  • The Altar of the Dark Angel
    The Altar of the Dark Angel1942 The Altar of the Dark Angel. A mystery that begins before the creation of the world and that has manifested in human history again and again. The revelation of a stunning image and what it has to do with the end-times and your life.bethisraelwayne2015-03-01T17:59:01250 views00:08:07
  • Blessed are the Pruners
    Blessed are the Pruners1940 Blessed are the Pruners. One of the most overlooked and yet crucial keys to live a life of blessing. What most believers have missed and a key that can change your year. bethisraelwayne2015-02-23T22:29:022,477 views00:06:48
  • The Lamb Upon the Throne
    The Lamb Upon the Throne1941 The Lamb Upon the Throne. The Bible ends with the Lamb of God seated on the throne. This one thing contains the key to truth, blessings, victory and a life of joy.bethisraelwayne2015-02-15T12:39:02224 views00:08:40
  • The Shell
    The Shell1939 The Shell. Believers struggle with good and evil, sin and righteousness. But this revelation can change the way you look at everything and give you the key to overcome the old ways, the old habits, the old thoughts and the old life.bethisraelwayne2015-02-08T18:19:05195 views00:08:20
  • The Mystery of Pergamon I.
    The Mystery of Pergamon I.1938 The Mystery of Pergamon I. An amazing mystery that begins in ancient times and which has spanned the ages - even impacting the modern world from Zeus to Roman Emperors, from Jerusalem to a pagan mountain altar. The throne of Satan and how it ...bethisraelwayne2015-02-02T19:04:08407 views00:08:30
  • Reaping the Field of Blessings
    Reaping the Field of Blessings1937 Reaping the Field of Blessings. The promises and blessings of God are real, but they come in the will of God. One of the most overlooked guarantees of blessing from the Great Commission and the Harvest of Israel.bethisraelwayne2015-01-18T23:49:04372 views00:07:32

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