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What do your actions reveal about your character?

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  • Wheelchair rides
    Wheelchair rides Kids just having fun!banachman2010-11-27T20:20:442,316 views00:00:41
  • Alex on the move!!!
    Alex on the move!!!It has been a REALLY big week. IN addition to ALex gettting back up and on his Quadjoy mouthmouse, lookie what he can do.... The virtual school we use paid for the wires on ALex's old chair to get replaced so that now he can use it until the new o...banachman2010-11-04T22:00:032,520 views00:01:03
  • A view from 3000
    A view from 3000A little touch of God's sweetness. Often He does not take away the pain and suffering but to show us that He is still there, He will show us a touch of His sweetness. In this case, He showed His beauty.banachman2010-10-29T10:55:021,310 views00:02:02
  • PICU Room #20
    PICU Room #20My son ALex ended up being in the PICU for 21 days during the month of December. We did not know if we would end up being there through just in case...we decorated.banachman2010-10-02T02:04:021,862 views00:01:16
  • Bumper Cars..buddy style 2009
    Bumper Cars..buddy style 2009This is a video of Alex and his friend John using their young imaginations to play bumper cars. They just want to play like friends do...and why not?banachman2010-10-02T01:04:222,563 views00:02:49
  • Alex on the move! Early 2009
    Alex on the move! Early 2009Alex is pacing while driving his chair. We are trying to keep up....banachman2010-10-02T00:55:134,294 views00:01:59
  • Another diaphragm pacing update April 2009
    Another diaphragm pacing update April 2009Alex is progressing rapidly!! Praise God!!banachman2010-10-02T00:44:212,911 views00:01:00
  • Alex's diaphragm pacing  update..first outdoor breaths! MArch 2009
    Alex's diaphragm pacing update..first outdoor breaths! M...This is an update of ALex's diaphragm pacing. He had caught some kind of virus in February and was in the hospital. The hospital would not let us try to pace so when Alex got home he had to start from the beginning again. Well, ALex is back on tra...banachman2010-10-02T00:39:026,157 views00:01:50
  • Walking Proof
    Walking ProofPatrick Rummerfield is "Walking Proof" that there are NO impossiblities with God! What the video does not say is that Pat's MRI shows that 85% of his spinal cord is gone, chunked out, missing.

    Pat fully functions despite what the ...
    banachman2010-10-02T00:14:312,979 views00:04:49
  • Congratulations Emily!
    Congratulations Emily!My niece Emily just received her acceptance letter to Dayton University..yahoobanachman2010-10-01T23:59:451,970 views00:00:34
  • Synapse BioMedical Inc., NeuRX Diaphragm Pacing System
    Synapse BioMedical Inc., NeuRX Diaphragm Pacing SystemA short video showing a neurostimulation system for the diaphragm. Our son has a very high level spinal cord injury and is currently ventilator dependent. He will be getting this system and getting off of his "vent"...praise God for the ...banachman2010-10-01T23:54:264,339 views00:01:02
  • Ryan Patrick Malarkey
    Ryan Patrick MalarkeyOur son Ryan turns four, November 11, 2008....Happy Birthday Ryan!!banachman2010-10-01T23:46:432,927 views00:06:17
  • Grace Elizabeth Malarkey
    Grace Elizabeth MalarkeyOur daughter Grace turns 6 November 7, 2008.banachman2010-10-01T23:45:272,542 views00:10:32
  • Ambucs
    AmbucsAdaptive bikes for kids. What fun:Dbanachman2010-10-01T23:33:431,892 views00:08:53
  • A Homemade Musical Birthday Card
    A Homemade Musical Birthday CardKevin Malarkey is 43 today september 18, 2008...happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!banachman2010-10-01T23:26:122,831 views00:00:29
  • Hurricane Ike blows through Ohio
    Hurricane Ike blows through OhioHurricane Ike blowing through our town in Ohio.banachman2010-10-01T23:24:582,215 views00:04:12