Wherever You Are

Wherever You Are

Third Day

Wherever You Are (2005) finds Third Day responding to the torments of a troubled world with resolve and compassion. The album’s reoccurring theme of faith amidst tragedy makes this a less joyful and more subdued work than some of their previous efforts. On its own merits, though, Wherever You Are is a more-than-credible song collection, filled with pungent guitar lines and pummeling rhythms. Tracks like “Tunnel,” “”Carry My Cross” and the majestic “Cry Out to Jesus” let Mac Powell apply his compelling vocal growl to themes of reverence and healing. The group locks into a serpentine groove on “I Can Feel It” and basks in a folksy glow on “Mountain of God.” “Rise Up” and “Communion” reaffirm their strengths as a worship music band, while “Keep on Shining” works nicely in a radio-friendly pop vein. In many ways, Wherever You Are consolidates rather than builds upon Third Day’s past achievements. Considering the band’s underlying strengths, that’s not such a bad thing; as always, Powell and his partners deliver Christian rock infused with muscle and spirit.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Love Heals Your Heart 4:19
The Sun Is Shining 4:12
Rise Up 6:04
Without You 4:16
Tunnel 4:18
Eagles 3:37
Cry Out to Jesus 4:42
I Can Feel It 3:39
Keep On Shinin' 3:05
Communion 4:14
Carry My Cross 5:16
How Do You Know 4:08
Mountain of God 3:54

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