Temptation Come My Way

Temptation Come My Way

The Showdown

Have you noticed that an overabundance of hard rock bands of the early 21st century are comprised of sensitive, well, let's face it, rather wimpy gentleman? The loud and proud Tennessee quintet, Showdown, have certainly noticed, and their mission is to do something about it, as evidenced by their 2006 release, Temptation Come My Way. Combining the guitar harmonies of Iron Maiden, the crunchy riffs and vocals of Metallica (before they pulled the mascara/Napster/Some Kind of Monster triple blunder), and the melodic sensibilities of Stone Temple Pilots, Showdown doesn't sound like your average Headbangers Ball band. Instead, the group manages to be rocking and memorable at the same time, especially on such tracks as the album opening "Fanatics and W***es," "Six Feet Under," and "Forget My Name." Additionally, singer David Bunton should also be commended by not abusing the done-to-death screaming and hollering vocal shtick — which just about every single hard rock/metal singer circa 2006 is utilizing.

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