Destination: B-Sides

Destination: B-Sides

The Showdown

Nothing says "fans only" like a collection of B-sides. Especially when the band has only existed for a short while and has only released one full-length album anyway — it's not like there's a deep catalog of single releases and compilation tracks to draw upon for a collection like this. So it's a tribute to Mae's quality and depth as a band that this compilation is as rewarding as it is. Some of the credit should go to whoever was responsible for programming the tracks — Destination: B-Sides opens with a powerful one-two punch in the form of the funky and complex "This Is the Last Time [Wave Remix]," which is followed quickly by the gorgeous "Suspension." A nice acoustic version of "Sun" follows, after which things start tending a bit more toward the fans-only side: live versions of "This Is the Last Time" and "Sun" don't bring much new insight to the original versions, and the live version of "Futuro" is lackluster at best. But a remix of "Goodbye, Goodnight" ends the album with bang rather than a whimper, and even at its least inspired this collection will give newcomers plenty of reason to go back and find a copy of Mae's debut. Recommended.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Goodbye, Goodnight (S.M. Remix) 0:00
Bonus Track 0:00
This Time Is the Last Time (Wave Remix) 0:00
Suspension 0:00
Sun (Acoustic) 0:00
Tisbury Lane 0:00
Awakening 0:00
Futuro (Live) 0:00
Sun (Live) 0:00
This Time Is the Last Time (Live) 0:00
Giving It Away (Acoustic) 0:00

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