Anthem Lights

Anthem Lights

The Museum

Anthem Lights is noticeably more muscular and hard-driving than its boy-band looks might indicate. The group’s self-titled debut album leans heavily towards upbeat praise tunes, built around sleek New Romantic-influenced guitar lines and polished harmonies. Tunes like “Can’t Shut Up,” “I Wanna Know You Like That” and “Outta My Mind” are buoyantly worshipful numbers that show off Alan Powell’s vibrant singing style to full advantage. “Lighthouse” is the sort of hook-laden pop track that imbeds itself in the mind even as it offers hope for salvation. While Anthem Lights’ tunes are mostly bright and bubbly, their lyrics display some theological rigor — “Freedom Into Slavery,” for instance, is an uncompromising statement of spiritual need. A particular high point is “Where the Light Is,” a sparsely arranged rock ballad filled with the simple but exalted imagery of a timeless hymn. Anthem Lights may be style-conscious and very radio friendly, but they offer heartfelt testimony rooted in firmly held faith.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Where the Light Is 3:51
I Wanna Know You Like That 3:21
Circles 3:52
Can't Get Over You 3:24
Stranger 4:24
Outta My Mind 3:43
Lifeline 2:47
Lighthouse 3:29
Freedom Into Slavery 3:47

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