The Anatomy of Broken

The Anatomy of Broken

The Fray

Recent doubts about his career direction caused this former American Idol contestant to almost give up recording — instead, he translated his soul-searching into a revelatory sophomore album. These songs speak to human vulnerability as well as the redemptive power of Christian faith. Tracks like “Only You Can Save,” “In the Weak” and “Scars” move beyond the artist’s own struggles into a universal message of compassion. Sligh expands his sonic palette as he matches a Jamaican-accented rhythm with billowing strings on “One” and breaks into a galloping techno groove on “Chasing Down a Name.” The lighthearted pop bounce of “Sunny” is balanced by the symphonic elegance of “Beginning (Not the End).” Ethereal synthesizer colors bring an otherworldly shimmer to “Naïve” and “”Still You Love Me.” Sligh stretches out as a vocalist, dropping down to an intimate near-whisper on “Broken (Beautiful)” and rising to dramatic heights on “Love Is the Answer.” The Anatomy of Broken draws strength from moments of weakness and comes up with a powerful statement of belief.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Beginning (Not the End) 3:23
Sunny 3:26
Still You Love Me 4:53
Love Is the Answer 3:03
Broken (Beautiful) 5:06
Only You Can Save 4:32
In the Weak 4:23
Our Love 4:26
One 5:08
Scars 3:55
Taking It Back 4:11
Catching Up 3:59
Naïve 4:54
Chasing Down a Name 3:20

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