Rehearsals - EP

Rehearsals - EP

The Digital Age

There’s much to admire in the slyly anthemic Christian rock music of The Digital Age, which features some former members of The Dave Crowder Band. The Digital Age’s use of loud-soft dynamics alone is ridiculously smart. The band doesn't overdo it when it doesn't have to, so that when songs like “After All (Holy)” and “Hallelujah” do coalesce into big, roiling, epic monster songs, they have all the more “oomph” when the chorus drops. The country-rocker “Oh My God/I Am a Seed” is good-natured and fun; it’s more than just an Americana riff. The only track that falls a touch flat is the '90s-ish rocker “How Great Though Art,” which has a nifty sound but never seems to go anywhere. The traditional hymn “Never Grow Old” is given a rousing, goosebumps-inducing treatment; if only more praise and worship music shared its raw and delicate immediacy.

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