Introducing The City Harmonic - EP

Introducing The City Harmonic - EP

The City Harmonic

Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, the City Harmonic combines fresh sonic ideas with a timeless sense of reverence on their six-song debut EP. Introducing The City Harmonic doesn’t radically depart from the conventions of modern worship music as much as give them an idiosyncratic twist now and then. British rock is a key influence here — there are echoes of the Beatles’ suite-like arrangements, along with an austere melodic sense reminiscent of Coldplay and Keane. Added to this are elements of old-fashioned gospel, evident particularly in the string-draped, chant-centered “Coming My Way.” Front man Elias Dummer sings with both conviction and humility, whether he casts himself as a penitent sinner clinging to the Cross (“I Am”) or a believer seeing by the light of God’s love (“I Wonder”). Songs like “Manifesto” and “What I Want” are vibrant corporate worship numbers, building from quiet lows to big communal crescendos. Alternately serene and yearning, subdued and rowdy, Introducing The City Harmonic is a more-than-promising first effort by this distinctive foursome.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
I Wonder 0:00
Manifesto 0:00
My God 0:00
Coming My Way 0:00
I Am 0:00
What I Want 0:00

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