Southern Weather

Southern Weather

The Almost

Best known as the drummer/vocalist for Underoath, Aaron Gillespie just can't stop the music from coming out of him, as he launched a one-man band, the Almost, during the early 21st century. The Almost's debut full-length, Southern Weather, followed in 2007, and proves that Gillespie must be quite a creative deciding factor in his full-time band, as the material is — for the most part — quite Underoath-esque. There are a few pleasant surprises however, such as a collaboration with Jeremy Enigk of the Fire Theft and Sunny Day Real Estate fame (the latter band is often considered the original emo band — a style that Underoath specializes in), on the country-tinged ballad "Dirty and Left Out." But mostly, it's emo-rock that rules the day, especially such selections as the album-opening "Say This Sooner" and "I Mostly Copy Other People." Underoath fans will surely be proud of Gillespie and his one-man band.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Call Back When I'm Honest 0:00
Everything That Makes Me Sick 0:00
Hold On 0:00
Drive There Now! 0:00
Dirty and Left Out 0:00
I Mostly Copy Other People 0:00
Southern Weather 0:00
Stop It! 0:00
Amazing, Because It Is 0:00
Everyone Here Smells Like a Rat 0:00
Never Say, "I Told You So" 0:00

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