To Hell with the Devil

To Hell with the Devil


When the majority of Christian artists were going unheard in the secular market, Stryper became even more visible among non-Christian audiences with its third album, To Hell with the Devil. This was the first time a Stryper album went platinum — something the headbangers' presence on MTV no doubt played a role in. And the fact that this album boasted Stryper's strongest writing up to that point didn't hurt. The southern Californians sound especially confident and inspired on "The Way," "Sing-Along Song," "More Than a Man" and the infectious title song. But as invigorating as the up-tempo numbers are, Stryper's ballads didn't improve a bit; "All of Me" and the hit "Honestly" are as annoying as ever.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
All of Me 3:09
More Than a Man 4:34
Abyss (To Hell with the Devil) 1:21
To Hell with the Devil 4:04
Calling On You 3:57
Free 3:41
Honestly 4:07
The Way 3:35
Sing-Along Song 4:19
Holding On 4:13
Rockin' the World 3:28

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