Now & Then

The three-year gap between All Things New and This Moment was the longest space between studio albums for seasoned CCM singer Steven Curtis Chapman. Now and Then filled that gap, at least temporarily, by packaging together All Things New with his 1997 Greatest Hits collection. The pair makes an ample introduction to his earlier works, though fans may have seen it as a holding pattern. Still, one is hard-pressed to argue the quality and popularity of the material. This collection was not meant as a second greatest-hits package; after all, it doesn't represent the highly prolific and creative Speechless period. What can be observed by listening to these two albums back to back is a career that never had a weak point, never disappointed, and never failed to set the trends for contemporary Christian music.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Angels Wish 0:00
I Believe In You 0:00
Treasure of Jesus 0:00
All Things New 0:00
Much of You 0:00
Only Getting Started 0:00
Last Day On Earth 0:00
What Now 0:00
Please Only You 0:00
Coming Attractions 0:00
Big Story 0:00
Believe Me Now 0:00
No Better Place 0:00
Hiding Place 0:00
His Strength Is Perfect 0:00
Lord of the Dance (Abbey Road Version) 0:00
The Walk (Abbey Road Version) 0:00
Not Home Yet 0:00
More to This Life 0:00
The Great Adventure 0:00
That's Paradise 0:00
His Eyes 0:00
For the Sake of the Call 0:00
I Will Be Here 0:00
I Am Found In You 0:00
Heaven In the Real World 0:00

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