Lifehouse / No Name Face / Stanley Climbfall

Lifehouse / No Name Face / Stanley Climbfall

Stellar Kart

In lieu of 2002's skate-metal and earnest AOR grunge, on follow-up album Stanley Climbfall Lifehouse are more at ease than most with Scott Weiland's swampmonster vocals and power-crunched guitar riffs. The band also knows how to dig a big chorus out of its thick dynamics when called for, a useful tactic reminiscent of Silverchair's first album and the big-gestured rock of Creed and John Cougar Mellencamp. Ron Aniello and Brendan O'Brien bring their recognizable hair metal production to the effort.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Walking Away 0:00
Chapter One 0:00
The End Has Only Begun 0:00
Come Back Down 0:00
You and Me 0:00
Blind 0:00
All In All 0:00
Better Luck Next Time 0:00
Days Go By 0:00
Into the Sun 0:00
Undone 0:00
We'll Never Know 0:00
Quasimodo 0:00
Somewhere In Between 0:00
Everything 0:00
Hanging By a Moment 0:00
Sick Cycle Carousel 0:00
Unknown 0:00
Someone Else's Song 0:00
Trying 0:00
Only One 0:00
Simon 0:00
Cling and Clatter 0:00
Breathing 0:00
My Precious 0:00
Empty Space 0:00
The Beginning 0:00
Spin 0:00
Wash 0:00
Sky Is Falling 0:00
Anchor 0:00
Am I Ever Gonna Find Out 0:00
Stanley Climbfall 0:00
Out of Breath 0:00
Just Another Name 0:00
Take Me Away 0:00

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