Death, a Destination

Death, a Destination

Stellar Kart

Death, a Destination collects the first three albums from Christian metal outfit Demon Hunter. Featuring 2002's Demon Hunter, 2004's Summer of Darkness, and 2005's The Triptych, this anthology serves as the perfect jumping-on point for anyone looking to get into the band, delivering a triple shot of searing metal goodness.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Gauntlet, The 0:00
Screams of the Undead 0:00
I Have Seen Where It Grows 0:00
Infected 0:00
My Throat Is an Open Grave 0:00
Through the Black 0:00
Turn Your Back and Run 0:00
And the Sky Went Red 0:00
As We Wept 0:00
Broken Upper Hand, A 0:00
I Play Dead 0:00
Everything Was White 0:00
Coffin Builder 0:00
The Latest and the Last 0:00
The Awakening 0:00
Beheaded 0:00
My Heartstrings Come Undone 0:00
Our Faces Fall Apart 0:00
Less Than Nothing 0:00
Summer of Darkness 0:00
Beauty Through the Eyes of a Predator 0:00
Annihilate the Corrupt 0:00
Snap Your Finger Snap Your Neck 0:00
Ribcage 0:00
The Tide Began to Rise 0:00
The Flame That Guides Us Home 0:00
Not I 0:00
Undying 0:00
Relentless Intolerance 0:00
Deteriorate 0:00
The Soldier's Song 0:00
Fire to My Soul 0:00
One Thousand Apologies 0:00
The Science of Lies 0:00

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