Ten years into their recording career, Skillet makes its most ambitious bid for mainstream success with 2006’s Comatose. The veteran Contemporary Christian group has long shown an ability to assimilate diverse elements – including grunge and industrial – into its work, and John Cooper’s aggressive lead vocals and versatile songwriting skills have displayed both sincere faith and a keen pop culture sense. With Comatose, Skillet turns up the audio heat considerably, fashioning a fine-polished modern sound, long on meaty guitar hooks and insistent bass lines, displaying a sonic heft exemplified by “Rebirthing” and “Those Nights." As before, the music is the vehicle for messages of hope and salvation — this time, though, the lyrics draw to a greater degree upon Cooper’s personal struggles. “Looking For Angels” and the title track crystallize the album’s theme of striving against spiritual complacency and doubt. Like Chevelle and Switchfoot before them, Skillet aims to make 21st Century Christian rock that beckons to the uncommitted as well as the believer, and Comatose takes a bracing and convincing step towards that goal.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Whispers In the Dark 0:00
Looking for Angels 0:00
Rebirthing 0:00
The Last Night 0:00
Yours to Hold 0:00
Better Than Drugs 0:00
Comatose 0:00
The Older I Get 0:00
Those Nights 0:00
Falling Inside the Black 0:00
Say Goodbye 0:00

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