Yahweh (Deluxe Edition) [Live]

Yahweh (Deluxe Edition) [Live]

Sixteen Cities

Without a doubt, Hillsong has changed the face and form of modern worship music with its myriad of live shows and recordings. The Australia-based musical ministry has favored an expansive pop/rock sound in recent years. With Yahweh, though, Hillsong scales back its approach to create an intimate chapel-sized worship experience. Favorite songs from the group’s much-covered catalogue are reconsidered with sparse, mostly acoustic instrumentation and presented to a small Spirit-filled audience. The sculpted melodies and reverent lyricism of songs like “Hosanna,” “Mighty to Save” and “This Is Our God” gain renewed power in these quietly intense settings. “Come to My Rescue” (backed by distant marching drums) and “Savior King” (framed by a murmuring electric piano) glow with a particular luster. A fervent, almost aching version of “Salvation Is Here” brings the album to a celebratory close. These moving expressions of praise have rarely sounded more personal or heartfelt than they do here.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
You Hold Me Now (Live) 0:00
You'll Come (Live) 0:00
Run (Live) 0:00
The Time Has Come (Live) 0:00
Yahweh (Live) 0:00
Came to My Rescue (Live) 0:00
This Is Our God (Live) 0:00
From the Inside Out 0:00
Mighty to Save 0:00
Salvation Is Here 0:00
Yahweh 0:00
Stronger 0:00

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