The duo of Shane Barnard and Shane Everett had to pry themselves away from the road to record their first studio album since 2004. The duo once maintained a prolific recording schedule, releasing four albums in a little over two years. Heavy touring followed, giving Barnard and Everett plenty of material for a new project but little time to lay it down in a studio. The duo doesn't stray far from its tempered acoustic pop on Pages, though if anything Shane & Shane stretch their legs in the pop realm and rely less on straightforward worship. The exception, of course, is the first single, "We Love You Jesus." Other tracks express earnest healing ("Over the Sun"), admission of personal shortcomings ("Beg"), and the repulsion of devilish thoughts ("Embracing Accusation"). There is little to distinguish this album from other worship projects out there, but that didn't seem to stop Shane & Shane from attracting a massive collegiate following.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Bad Days Better 0:00
Embracing Accusations 0:00
Before the Throne 0:00
Wounded 0:00
Healed 0:00
When I Think About the Lord 0:00
Vision of You 0:00
We Love You Jesus 0:00
Burns Us Up 0:00
Over the Sun 0:00
Interlude 0:00
Beg 0:00
In You 0:00
Holiday 0:00
Psalm 62 0:00

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