Wide Eyed

Wide Eyed

Seth Condrey

Christian music with an edge is amply supplied by singer/songwriter Nichole Nordeman on this 1998 release. The musicianship is strong and the lyrics are contemporary without inspiring despair in the listener. The songs "Is It Any Wonder?," "Burnin'," and "River God" are all particularly good. Nordeman's ability on the piano shines really strong on "River God," hitting high octave keys in a manner suggesting water trickling through a stream. Very nice. The only trouble is the accompaniment is sometimes louder than the vocals, making discernment of Nordeman's praise-worthy lyrics difficult. Nevertheless, the album is a good listen and will make an interesting comparison, if not companion, to Julie de Azevedo's Dive Deep. ~ Dacia A. Blodgett-Williams, Rovi

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
River God 0:00
To Know You 0:00
Wide Eyed 0:00
Who Are You 0:00
Anyway 0:00
I Wish the Same for You 0:00
Is It Any Wonder 0:00
Burnin' 0:00
Gone Are the Days 0:00
To Say Thanks 0:00

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