The Reckoning

The Reckoning

Sarah Reeves

Mainstream rock with all the rough edges smoothed out (albeit with some added muscle) was in high demand circa 2006, and bands such as Pillar are certainly a prime example of this style. The Oklahoma natives have the aforementioned sound/approach down to a science on their fourth release overall, The Reckoning. Singer Rob Beckley has no problem doing what just about every single up-and-coming modern rock vocalist is required to do in the post-Incubus landscape — melodic crooning during the verses and then letting out a holler or two when the mood fits (which usually seems to happen when the chorus rolls around). And similarly, Noah Henson does what's expected of mainstream rock guitarists of the early 21st century, as he alternates between some tranquil, emo-like strumming for the verses ("When Tomorrow Comes") or Tom Morello-esque riffing (the title track), before stomping on the distortion pedal for the choruses. The tunes and the performances are perfectly in place.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Resolution 3:25
Sometimes 3:46
Wherever the Wind Blows 4:12
Chasing Shadows At Midnight 4:53
Everything 3:12
Awake 3:21
When Tomorrow Comes 3:40
The Reckoning 3:18
Tragedy 3:21
Last Goodbye 3:53
Angel In Disguise 5:02
Elysian 1:48
Crossfire 3:53

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