Get In, I'm Drivin'

Get In, I'm Drivin'


The smooth soulfulness and disarming honesty of Ginny Owens' earlier work is here, along with a sure grasp on contemporary R&B and folk/pop sounds. Get In, I’m Driving draws much of its lyrical content from Owens’ life while striking a universal note of hope through difficult times. The inspirational message of “Rain” (written during her mother’s battle with cancer) and the bouncy yet biting tone of “Better Off” (about fair-weather friends and lovers) give the album a welcome emotional balance. Owens’ beguiling vocals—caressing yet strong, with a hint of melancholy—connect with both the primal gospel of “Lay It Down” and the uplifting British-influenced pop of “Before You Fly.” Other standouts include the elegant, Norah Jones-esque number “Better That Way” and a moody reworking of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground.” Owens closes with “The Song,” a beautifully rendered acoustic tune that honors both God and the gift of music. It neatly sums up the fusion of deep faith and artistic commitment that makes this album so appealing.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Better That Way 0:00
The Song 0:00
Get In, I'm Drivin' 0:00
Mystery of Grace 0:00
Before You Fly 0:00
Rain 0:00
Joined At the Heart 0:00
Better Off 0:00
Lay It Down 0:00
Higher Ground 0:00
Daughter of Destiny 0:00

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