Light Makes A Way EP

Light Makes A Way EP

Remedy Drive

Light Makes A Way introduces a reconstituted Remedy Drive with five tracks built upon the theme of hope in dark times. Singer/keyboardist David Zach continues to helm the group after the departure of his three brothers in early 2011; fortunately, the buoyant, British-influenced sound heard on the band’s 2008 debut album Daylight Is Coming remains in place. Though Remedy Drive’s approach avoids grandiose rock gestures, there’s real muscle behind the streamlined flow of the EP’s songs. From the opening title tune through the closing number “Disappear,” Zach’s lyrics capture a believer’s struggles in resonant poetic language. The urgency of “Don’t Wait Too Long” and the resolve of “Hold On” are well matched to the crisp, ‘80s-esque musical thrust. The acoustic-driven “Follow Me” asks profound questions (“Is this free will or are we pawns of fate?”) via a dialogue between father and son. Remedy Drive does it all with focused intensity and a sleek sense of dynamics.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Light Makes A Way 3:19
Hold On 3:35
Don't Wait Too Long 3:22
Follow Me 3:45
Disappear 4:41

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