Daylight Is Coming

Daylight Is Coming

Remedy Drive

Earnest anthems with a spiritual undercurrent dominate Remedy Drive’s 2008 major label debut Daylight is Coming. The songs here are tightly-written and cleanly-executed, no doubt benefitting from the chemistry between the four brothers who constitute the group. Paul, Phillip, David, and Daniel Zachs achieve a surging sound reminiscent of Switchfoot, with elements of Coldplay guitar drone tossed in. Tracks like “Stand Up,” “Daylight,” “Hope,” and “Heartbeat” are galvanizing bursts of positive energy, built around shimmering riffs and stirring rhythms. The brothers’ vocal harmonies — sweet, with nicely dissonant touches — boost the impact of “What Happens (At the End).” The buoyant tunefulness of “Valuable,” “Something Made to Last,” and other tracks betrays a Brit-pop influence. Though firmly God-centered in stance, Remedy Drive avoid Christianese clichés as they reach out to their Savior (as in “Belong with You” and “Get to Know You”). Ian Eskalin’s production is dense but not busy, lending the tracks a wide-screen, deep-bottomed sound. Overall Remedy Drive’s Daylight is Coming offers a smoothly satisfying ride.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
The Sunshine Above the Weather 3:03
Valuable 3:12
Daylight 3:54
Stand Up 3:29
Daylight 3:54
All Along 3:05
Hope 2:48
What Happens (At the End) 3:17
Something Made to Last 2:37
Belong With You 3:22
Heartbeat 3:00
Get to Know You 3:00

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