Relient K

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
5th Element 0:00
Industry (Spoken Word Interlude) 0:00
Why (feat. Mars Ill) 0:00
47 Emcees (Interlude) 0:00
ABC's and 1,2,3's (feat. Billy Puddles) 0:00
Where Were You (feat. Goldinchild) 0:00
Operator (Outro) 0:00
Leave a Message (Intro) 0:00
Do That 0:00
The Choice Is Yours (feat. John Reuben) 0:00
Rise Up (feat. Rob Beckley & Trevor McNevan) 0:00
Dear Slim 0:00
Nursery Rhymes (feat. Playdough) 0:00
Sonshine (feat. Nirva Dorsaint) 0:00
Wait for You (feat. Nirva Dorsaint) 0:00
Ya Bref Stank 0:00
47 Pop Stars 0:00
Pick Yourself Up (feat. Donnie Lewis) 0:00
Don't Go 0:00
Check Yourself 0:00
Infomercial (Interlude) 0:00
#1 Fan (feat. Jubilee) 0:00
I Feel So Good 0:00
I'm Guilty 0:00
Outro 0:00
Welcome to Five Two's 0:00
Gimme Dat 0:00
Whoop Whoop 0:00
Dear Slim, Pt. 2 0:00
So In Love With You 0:00
Cartoon Network 0:00
Rock On (feat. Rob Beckley) 0:00
Back In the Day 0:00
Can I Speak With a Manager? (Interlude) 0:00
Right Here (feat. Jeremy Camp) 0:00
Video Games 0:00
Plain White Rapper 0:00
Dad: "Ybor City" (Interlude) 0:00
Things I Like (feat. Goldinchild) 0:00
Dad: "Thats How You Got Your Name" (Intro) 0:00
Fivetweezy 0:00
Are You Real? (feat. Jon Micah Sumrall) 0:00
Rock With It 0:00
God (feat. Rebecca St. James) 0:00
Behind the Musik (feat. Pee Wee) 0:00
Mom: "Sitting in the Puddle" (Interlude) 0:00
Thank You 0:00
Jesus 0:00

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