The tween pop spotlight shone brightly on this lively trio's debut. It didn't hurt that Jump5, the last great pop group targeting the 8-12 age group, announced the end of their reign barely a week before PureNRG's debut dropped. It may have something to do with the fact that Norman Miller, Jump5's manager, also headed up the new group. Singers Jordan Yates (14), Carolyne Meyers (11), and Caroline Williams (12) have what it takes to please the tween crowds, a contagious energy, and their voices are surprisingly fit for the music. The fact that a throwback cover of "Footloose" is a perfect fit on this record tells you what kind of album it is — light-heartedly and playful, exceptionally well produced and catchy, yet still meaningful. A parent's dream come true.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Someday 3:44
Summertime 3:34
It's Still Love 3:37
360 2:20
Live My Life for You 3:32
What If 2:28
Pray 2:41
When I Get to Heaven 3:32
Thy Word 3:34
This Madness 3:01
Footloose 3:34
One Word 3:16

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