Turn Up the Music - The Hits of Point of Grace

Turn Up the Music - The Hits of Point of Grace

Point of Grace

Turn Up the Music: The Hits of Point of Grace collects 15 hits from the award-winning gospel trio, including one new track, a cover of the emotional, post-9/11 ballad “Hole in the World” by the Eagles' Don Henley and Glenn Frey. A mix of old and new favorites like “How You Live (Turn Up the Music),” “I Wish,” “There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace,” “Circle Of Friends,” “The Great Divide,” “God Is with Us,” and “Day by Day,” Turn Up the Music offers up an excellent overview of the Arkansas-bred CCM veterans’ career thus far.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
I Choose You 4:02
God Is With Us 4:00
King of the World 4:12
Love and Laundry 2:58
There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace 4:01
Hole In the World 3:28
Day By Day 3:32
Circle of Friends 4:17
How You Live (Turn Up the Music) 4:32
Blue Skies 4:31
The Great Divide 4:20
I Wish 3:32
Come to Jesus 3:56
Jesus Will Still Be There 4:30
Who Am I 3:36

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