Drawing Black Lines

Drawing Black Lines

Point of Grace

From start to finish Project 86 exhibits the kind of musical fury that echoes the angst of the millennium youth. Along the lines of P.O.D., Drawing Black Lines is a testimony to Christendom while musically driving a fist through traditional Christian thinking. Moral lines are drawn beginning to end on this disc. On the cut "One-Armed Man, (Play On)," the band points out the state of the unbelievers as being "zombies" who are constantly seeking contentment. At one point in the song, vocalist Andrew Schwab screams that everyone is "Needing Something Real!" A highlight of the tune is the drum groove offered up by Alex Albert. On the cut "Chimes," Steven Dails' hypnotic bassline is a strong accent to the whispering vocal melody of Schwab. Throughout Drawing Black Lines, Project 86 plays heavy, and heavier. Songs like "Me Against Me," "Open Hand," and "Sad Machines" are testament to the bands ferocity. Perhaps the disc's most telling song is its first offering, "Stains Theme." Amidst a sea of chugging guitars and tempo changes, Andrew Schwab shouts to the world, "You hate us cause we'll never go away, And like some sort of fungus, we're growing everyday." Indeed!

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Chapter 2 3:16
Open Hand 2:39
Twenty Three 12:57
Stein's Theme 3:55
Me Against Me 3:38
P.S. 5:54
Set Me Up 3:07
Chimes 4:58
A Toast to My Former Self 3:23
Sad Machines 4:16
Star 4:53

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