Though they’ve embraced various pop styles over the years, Phillips, Craig & Dean have remained rooted in traditional Southern gospel. This holds true for Fearless, an album aimed at fans of Passion-style praise music. Ringing guitars and hard-charging tempos lend force to “Counting On God,” “Spirit of God Is Here,” “Name Above All Names” and similar tunes. The abrasive riffs kicking off “Let God Be God” and the muscular rhythm powering “When Grace Walks In” are especially stirring. But if the trappings are fresh, the message here remains as Christ-centered as on previous releases. Themes of redemption and forgiveness pervade the album, whether the tracks move to a marching tempo (“Revelation Song”) or shimmer with a modern rock glow (“The Distance”). Of special interest is “Nothing to Prove,” a sensitive ballad recounting lessons of faith learned from a departed parent. For all its contemporary touches, Fearless is ultimately classic Phillips, Craig & Dean: solid, Spirit-driven and upbeat in tone.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Name Above All Names 3:32
The Story Behind "Revelation Song" 6:24
Counting On God 3:54
From the Inside Out 4:48
The Distance 4:12
When Grace Walks In 4:19
Spirit of God Is Here 3:55
Nothing to Prove 4:34
Let God Be God 4:07
Great Are You Lord 4:42

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