The Transition EP

The Transition EP


As part of the ’00’s wave of Christian emo-rockers, Philmont distinguished themselves with snappy tunes and yearning, faith-centered lyrics. After going independent, the band returns to the record wars with The Transition EP, a largely fan-funded project that expands their sonic reach in some intriguing ways. Those who identify Philmont with Relient K, Stellar Kart and similar outfits will find “The Alchemist” (a satire on scientific blindness) and “I Am” (a nervous sort of praise song) to be firmly in the adrenaline-charged tradition of power-pop. More unexpected are the tempo shifts and contemplative message within “Closer” and the sparkling acoustic folk colors of “Last Song I Sing.” Philmont retains its knack for capturing youthful alienation mixed with spiritual longing on “Ringing In My Head.” Singer Scotty McTaube still displays a persistent case of the jitters, though tracks like “You Will Remain” and “Last Song I Sing” capture his more reflective side. The Transition EP takes these North Carolina-bred punksters one step closer to a more mature, fully-rounded sound.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
I Am 3:39
You Will Remain 3:25
The Alchemist 3:36
Ringing In My Head 3:14
Closer 3:43
Last Song I Sing 3:38

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