Ocean Eyes

Ocean Eyes

Owl City

After garnering over a million plays on MySpace, Owl City turned its internet popularity into mainstream success with this breakthrough album. Released in 2009, Ocean Eyes mixed emo, electronica, and indie pop into the same effervescent package, with Adam Young pulling triple-duty as producer, songwriter, and the band's sole member. "Fireflies" topped the charts that same year, which helped push the album to platinum status.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
The Tip of the Iceberg 3:22
Vanilla Twilight 3:51
Tidal Wave 3:10
Hello Seattle 2:47
If My Heart Was a House 4:06
Cave In 4:02
The Bird and the Worm 3:27
Hello Seattle 2:47
Umbrella Beach 3:50
The Saltwater Room 4:02
Dental Care 3:11
Meteor Shower 2:13
On the Wing 5:01
Fireflies 3:48

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