Talk About It

Talk About It

Nicole C. Mullen

Nicole C. Mullen confirmed her distinctive place in Christian music with the 2001 release of Talk About It, as Christ-centered a song collection as any believer might desire. At the same time, Mullen is unafraid to deal with issues of faith, heritage and personal responsibility in subtle and surprising ways. Whether she’s addressing struggles within families (“Baby Girl”), calling for renewed African-American leadership (“Black Light”) or cautioning a woman in love (“The Ring”), she roots her observations in everyday experience. Her wide lyrical reach is matched by the musical settings she chooses, ranging from percolating hip-hop (“Let Me Go,” ”Witness”) to finely wrought soul balladry (“Come Unto Me,” “Call On Jesus”) and guitar-fueled rock (“Sometimes”). Strings, woodwinds and children’s choruses add vibrant colors. For those waiting for another “Redeemer,” Mullen’s delivers the goods with the fervent “Heaven.” Throughout, she favors soft vocal strokes over full-throttle grandstanding, preferring intimacy to melodrama. Talk About It speaks with authority and uncommon grace.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
The Ring 3:21
Sometimes 3:05
Jas Class 0:28
Black Light 5:31
Heaven 9:04
Intro 1:20
Talk About It 3:04
Baby Girl 3:32
Call On Jesus 4:55
# 27 0:22
Let Me Go 5:15
Witness 3:34
Come Unto Me 4:45
I Can / Believe 3:21

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