Travel - EP

Travel - EP

Nicole C. Mullen

Travel is the start of a magnum opus, an endearing exploration of going places and being gone. Future of Forestry is trance-inducing indie rock in harmonics, almost like the flipside of early Coldplay. The band doesn't take you to a new place so much as they take you to familiar places in new ways, and the way they take you there is worth the intrigue. "Colors in Array" sweeps its way into stratospheric and even angelic ranges, while other songs invite you to "close your eyes this time/trust will be your guide tonight." And with such impressive forays into dream rock, there is no reason to fear. With Travel II and Travel III closely following suit, this suite invites listeners to discover new explorations in Euro-rock style.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Traveler’s Song 0:00
This Hour 0:00
Colors In Array 0:00
Close Your Eyes 0:00
Closer to Me 0:00
Halleluiah 0:00

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