It's quite possible that you may never again hear a gospel album quite as irresistible as Newworldson's self-titled sophomore disc. In other words, buckle up and hold on for dear life. Not since Mike Farris' Salvation in Lights has gospel been completely spun on its side. It's reasonable to credit Newworldson with simultaneously transforming an entire genre and creating one all to themselves. They are quite simply the most artistic, rhythmic, authentic gospel group to hit the scene in decades. Their sophomore album is a wild, improbable romp through the worlds of funk, '60s-style folk-pop, jam rock, reggae, worldbeat, honky tonk, jazz, and blues. And it's impossible to deny their infectiousness. One need listen no further than the opening track, "You Set the Rhythm," to understand singer Joel Parisien's m.o.: the man is on a mission to get you moving. One of the album's defining moments is "That's Exactly (How I Like It)." On a tour stop in Holland, a local Dutch radio station gave Newworldson one hour to narrow down a list of song titles submitted by fans, select their favorite, compose a song by that title, and perform it on air at the end of the time limit. The finished song's finesse and polish demonstrate the group's seemingly endless talent. Artistic, powerful, and captivating, the album doesn't compromise anywhere, offering profound lyrics set to some of the grooviest backbeats to ever be associated with worship music.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
O Lament 4:13
Jamaican Praise Medley 5:11
Weary 4:05
You Set the Rhythm 3:03
Listen To The Lord 2:53
In Your Arms 3:01
Do You Believe In Love 3:11
That's Exactly (How I Like It) 3:34
Rocky Road 5:32
Commander 3:03
Total Eclipse 3:38

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