In the Making...

In the Making...


On 2008’s In the Making, Nevertheless turn away from hyperactive power-pop to claim the mantle of sensitive Christian balladeers. The Chattanooga quintet’s second album is noticeably skewed towards serious examinations of spiritual hunger and romantic longing. To be sure the bopping, piano-driven “Sleeping In” and the jumpy, guitar-centered “Longshot” show that the band hasn’t lost its fizz. Overall, though, In the Making is dominated by slower numbers with a slightly melancholy cast. Singer Joshua Pearson is subdued but emotive, rising from breathless lows in “Cross My Heart” to falsetto heights in “I Needed This.” “It’s True,” “I Found My Way Back Again,” and “It’s No Secret” reaffirm the band’s rock-solid faith. The tunes about girls — “Augustine,” “Longshot,” “When I’m Alone” — are sensitive or overly moist, depending upon one’s taste. Kudos for best track goes to “Topics,” an empathetic look at hidden shame. In the Making is made for contemplative afternoons rather than all-night rock bashes.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
When I'm Alone 4:41
I Found My Way Back Again 3:37
In the Making... (Interview) 19:11
Sleeping In 3:54
It's True 4:03
Cross My Heart 3:25
It's No Secret 2:56
Rest 4:25
I Needed This 3:36
Longshot 3:04
Augustine 4:28
Topics 3:33

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