Triple Shot

Triple Shot


Compiling the driving output of the bands early years, Triple Shot gathers the first three albums from Washington punks, MxPx into one, three-disc collection. Featuring 1994’s Pokinatcha, 1995’s Teenage Politics, and 1996’s Life in General, the set represents a formative period in the band's sound, giving listeners a chance to hear the band working to find their sound before they would break out of the Christian charts and into the mainstream just a couple years later. While any hardcore fans will undoubtedly already own all of these records, Triple Shot is a great jumping-off point for this iconic pop-punk band, and anyone late to the MxPx party would do well to snap this collection up.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Too Much Thinking 0:00
Pxpx 0:00
Time Brings Change 0:00
Jars of Clay 0:00
High Standards 0:00
Another Song About T.V. 0:00
Twisted Words 0:00
Walking Bye 0:00
No Room 0:00
Jay Jay's Song 0:00
Anywhere But Here 0:00
One Way Window 0:00
Dead End 0:00
Weak 0:00
Want Ad 0:00
Realize 0:00
Think Twice 0:00
Unopposed 0:00
The Aspect 0:00
Ears to Hear 0:00
Bad Hair Day 0:00
Like Sands Thru the Hourglass... So Are the Days of Our Lives 0:00
Democracy 0:00
Something More 0:00
Different Things 0:00
Misunderstanding 0:00
Study Humans 0:00
Inquiring Minds Want to Know 0:00
I'm the Bad Guy 0:00
Americanism 0:00
Delores (My Girl Hates the IRA) 0:00
Sugercoated Poison Apple 0:00
Do and Don't 0:00
The Opposite of Intellect 0:00
False Fiction 0:00
Falling Down 0:00
Money Tree 0:00
Rainy Day 0:00
Middlename 0:00
My Mom Still Cleans My Room 0:00
Do Your Feet Hurt 0:00
Sometimes You Have to Ask Yourself 0:00
The Wonder Years 0:00
New York to Nowhere 0:00
Andrea 0:00
Your Problem My Emergency 0:00

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