Odd Soul

Odd Soul


A tension of opposites runs through MuteMath’s third album, Odd Soul. Serene vocals float above churning grooves while spiky guitar riffs stab at candyfloss melodies. The album’s musical complexity is reflected in multilayered lyrics, many of which touch on the band’s Christian roots. In the process, MuteMath achieves an unlikely fusion of ‘70s funk, ‘80s new wave, and classic prog-rock that propels its sound into challenging experimental territory. Drummer Darren King plays a particularly crucial role here, laying down ferocious, cymbal-bashing percussion on “Quarantine,” “Allies,” and similar tunes. Paul Meany’s lead vocals weave around the quivering keyboards and molten bass, rising to an effortless falsetto that conveys hipster cool with a hint of prophetic vision. The jittery boogie beat of “Blood Pressure” helps deliver a message against narrow-minded believers. Odd Soul ends with the luminous “In No Time,” a quietly passionate reaffirmation of faith that reconciles the jarring elements in this intoxicating album.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
One More 5:03
Equals 3:29
Quarantine 7:03
In No Time 4:52
Odd Soul 3:15
Prytania 4:12
Blood Pressure 3:03
Tell Your Heart Heads Up 2:55
All or Nothing 4:50
Sun Ray 1:51
Allies 3:14
Cavalries 3:28
Walking Paranoia 3:04

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