MuteMath (Deluxe Version)

MuteMath (Deluxe Version)


Album Tracks

Song Title Length
You Are Mine 4:43
Control 4:39
Picture 5:26
Stall Out 7:06
Reset 5:25
Collapse (Live Version) 1:52
Typical (Live Version) 4:25
Chaos (Live Version) 4:32
Control (Live Version) 6:49
Noticed (Live Version) 6:09
Collapse 1:12
Break the Same (Live Version) 9:29
Typical 4:12
After We Have Left Our Homes 1:14
Chaos 4:54
Noticed 4:29
Plan B 4:46
Stare At the Sun 4:33
Obsolete 4:30
Break the Same 6:00

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