Flesh and Bones Electric Fun (Live)

Flesh and Bones Electric Fun (Live)


More often than not, live albums are little more than keepsakes for diehard fans, but Mute Math’s Flesh and Bones Electric Fun is a definite exception to this rule – there are moments of true revelation and discovery on this DVD soundtrack. On stage, any lingering sense of studio contrivance falls away from these eclectic semi-prog rockers and this crisp and driving combo holds forth with the taut energy of the Police in their early days. Songs like “Collapse,” “Typical,” and “Plan B” unfold with abandon, highlighting the fiery interplay between guitarist Greg Hill and keyboardist Paul Meany. “Obsolete” — a spacey, glimmering tune with ‘70s art-rock overtones – is a showpiece for Roy Mitchell-Cardenas’ molten bass lines. Even more galvanizing is “Break the Same,” a ferociously grooving number that builds into an ensemble rave-up. An unexpected acoustic version of “Reset” closes the album on a transcendent note. Mute Math comes across as artistically ambitious while retaining its club-act intimacy.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Reset 6:24
Collapse 2:31
Typical 4:25
Chaos 4:36
Plan B 4:42
Stare At the Sun / Obsolete 8:03
Control 6:55
Stall Out 5:19
Noticed 6:10
Break the Same 8:55

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