Armistice Live

Armistice Live


Recorded in late 2009 at an Atlanta concert hall, this album is essentially a showcase for Mutemath’s second album, which traded the epic pop/rock of the band’s self-titled debut for a more angular, experimental sound. Most of the material comes from that record, with several older songs (most notably “Typical,” the band’s biggest hit) tossed it for good measure. Armistice was a meticulously produced album, filled with all sorts of studio flourishes and late-night ambience, but the material translates surprisingly well to a live setting, where the studio reverb is replaced by the natural acoustics of Atlanta’s Tabernacle venue. For the true Mutemath fan, this double-disc set includes a DVD of the entire performance, complete with moody stage lighting and crowd surfing by the bandmates themselves. The actual music is the highlight here, though, since a textured record like Armistice isn’t the easiest thing to re-create on-stage. As a result, Armistice Live isn’t your typical fans-only concert album; it’s a testament to Mutemath’s strength as a band, and arguably their most interesting release to date.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Pins and Needles (Live) 3:19
Spotlight (Live) 5:51
Reset (Live) 5:38
Break the Same (Live) 8:59
The Nerve (Live) 4:04
Backfire (Live) 3:46
Clipping (Live) 4:49
Control (Live) 5:50
Armistice (Live) 5:36
You Are Mine (Live) 3:48
Odds (Live) 3:31
Typical (Live) 4:12
Burden (Live) 10:35

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