From the start, Britt Nicole has aimed her uplifting dance-pop sound at her fellow young Christians. Here she still reaches out to teenaged fans while aiming for a more grown-up approach overall. The grooves are energetic and ultra-catchy, fusing electronica and dubstep with a strong R&B undercurrent. Nicole matches the beats with messages of self-esteem and healing in buoyant tracks like “Breakthrough,” “Look Like Love," and the title tune. “Ready or Not”—featuring rapper Lecrae—stands out for its infectious techno feel and inspirational lyrics. Ballads like “All This Time” (a sensitive account of finding God in a moment of heartache) and “Still That Girl” (a reflection on reclaiming lost innocence, set to a shimmering piano line) show off Nicole’s growing maturity as a singer. The anthemic “Stand” is a statement of spiritual determination with the sweep of an arena-rock number. Most impressive lyrically is “Seeing for the First Time,” a mystically tinged contemplation of God set to a dreamily ambient track. Nicole makes clear her intension to be an artist of substance.

Album Tracks

Song Title Length
Amazing Life (Capital Kings Remix) 0:00
Breakthrough 0:00
Gold 0:00
Ready or Not (feat. Lecrae) 0:00
Seeing for the First Time 0:00
Stand 0:00
Still That Girl 0:00
Story Behind "All This Time" 0:00
Straight for Your Heart 0:00
The Sun Is Rising 0:00
Who You Say You Are 0:00

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